York Roundup

Tracey and Joanne were at the show in York this Wednesday and they were kind enough to share their stories about what happened at the Tea Party that was held before the show:

From Joanne:

I thought I’d drop you a line to tell you all about our York tea party last night. If you didn’t already know it was Helen’s b/day yesterday and we decided to have an English tea party outside the venue. We invited WAS but unfortunately Keith had press all day and only came out after we’d packed the food away, typical I know. Chris couldn’t make it as he had Dash and Elizabeth with him. Thankfully Max came and saved the day, he’s such a lovely guy, we were chuffed that he took the time to celebrate Helen’s b/day with us. The dress code was formal wear, we even got Keith to wear a tie haha.

Anyway we all got to the front and I made Keith, Chris, Max and Adam masks which we wore as the guy’s came on stage, it was hilarious. Chris wore Keith’s mask and Adam stuck his onto the front of his drum kit haha.

From Tracey:

Yesterday was another awesome WAS day. Tea party was ace and Max was such a good sport turning up and trying the cucumber sandwiches (that my son Kürt made!!).

Keith was lovely as always.

Chris was in Daddy mode, which was a really nice thing to see.

We were so lucky, and to add to that we got Altered Beast and Ram It Home last night. We are too spoiled.

Here’s some of the pictures they sent me. You can view the full album of photos here at this link: WAS – York Photos 8-27-08


22 thoughts on “York Roundup

  1. Yeah,your right this past week has been kind off a blip.Oxford,Peterborough and York,im a lucky,lucky girl!!!!!….Dreading T4 Mobile Transmittion tonight tho,I hope I dont make a fool of myself when they show the BBQ footage haha.Me,with T.V crew=Disaster !!!!.Oh and id just like to say a big thank you to Elizabeth for taking the time to chat after the York gig.You were so friendly and kind to me and Tracey,and im glad Dash likes his presents.Chris your a very lucky man you have a beautiful family.

  2. Wow, this BBQ is shown on TV? please someone record it!

    Wow, you spoke to Elizabeth. How nice of her to chat with the fans, too. 😀
    Yep, Chris is a lucky man…a beautiful wife/girlfriend and a super cute son. awww… but on the other hand, they are not un-lucky either. 😉

    I wonder if they’ll stay over for Chris’ birthday. Probably. That would be lovely for him to have his family with him.
    Anyway, I hope that is not too personal. 🙄 I mean well. 🙂

  3. Kerstin,i recorded the BBQ and posted it on YouTube.Im hopeless at posting links but my user name is TakeThatRFab,have a look i have more WAS footage on their also.And Tracey did Wednesday really happen????….Hell did this week really happen haha!!!!!!!

  4. I know Joanne. I’m even one of your subscribers. 😛
    I already watched your clip. and the others. love the in-stores. But I understood sth. is transmitted on TV and I’d be curious what the television makes of it. 😉

    and for posting links, you just copy the link that is shown in your browser and paste it here (or somewhere else, where you need it). it’s easy.

  5. Thanks Kerstin,i’ll try that….Im hopeless at technology,you should see me and Tracey we have to phone each other up and talk our way step by step when we try and post things on the net haha…How daft is that!!!!…Last night Tracey forgot how to attach pictures to an e-mail,it was hilarious hearing her struggle over the phone LOL.

  6. Yes it did really happen!
    We’ve had a blast the last couple of weeks, not bad for two single mums!! Thank god we’ve got understanding family, friends, boyfriend, kids and even ex’s (well maybe thats going too far!!!) but hey i’m in a generous mood!!! And of course none of this would have happened without out the awsome music skills of WAS.

  7. Awww, I’m really happy for you that you get all the support from family and friends. You think you could have a word with my husband? 😉

    I know how good it makes you feel to get out and actually do sth. for yourself and not just work, kid, household.
    oh well, this gets boring now and terribly off topic. 🙄 sorry. 😳 I’m just a bit depressed as I don’t think I can make it to Cologne. 😦

  8. thank you. It might make it worse though. but also, watching their videos/interviews/live gigs helps. 😀 ach, they’re awesome. I wish I could see them as often as you did. And I would’ve loved to see little Dash. He’s so cute. what presents did he get?

  9. Chris told me n Tracey Dash was a huge Topsy and Tim fan so we got him 4 new books,some chocolate and Tracey’s very creative and made him Topsy and Tim paintings(Elizabeth said she’d put them in Dash’s room).And Tracey hans stitched two Topsy and Tim t-shirts(they are amazing).We also got Dash a t-shirt with two guitars on the front and another with a drum kit on and it says Live On Tour!!!!

  10. Wow, those are a lot of presents. you’re very creative. I can never think of a good present.
    We don’t have topsy and tim over here. I just checked it out and those books are sweet. it must have been like christmas or birthday for little Dash. 😀

  11. I miss everyone, It was sooooo amazing last night, but in the same light sad as it will be a while until I see them again.

    I am not sure if I subjected myself to too much WAS in such a short time!. (can one say that!). lol

    Promo work in November I guess!. :-$

    There is always the states I guess!. 🙂

    Thanks guys for a fabulous day at York. So good to share memories with people who apreciate it.

    I’m not saying anything about Jodie at Oxford with her comment about the Teletubbies!.

  12. Loving the tea party action at York, brill pictures, looked loads of fun 😀

    Last night in London was so good too. Just trying to sort pictures and videos at the moment. 🙂

  13. Seriously greg…don’t diss the family -or I’ll have to hurt you!!!! She was being sarcastic, its just being drunk it didn’t come across well….plus people generally just don’t get the westhead sense if humour!!!

    Anyway we all agreed at york that she really added to the day…..and word on the street is keith thought she was funny…..or did someone just tell me that? xx

  14. I agree, she made my day!. 😀

    I ain’t dissing the westheads!. lol

    You ain’t seen me drunk, I could never live with myself if I got that drunk, I would of liked too, but I can’t exactly not turn up to another WAS gig and think everything was ok. lol

    People like drunk Greg, I may try it once. lol

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