From London with Michael Caine’s The Ethosphere

We Are Scientists joined by special guests for club gig
NME reports that Lighstpeed Champion and Ian from Art Brut were at the show.

Laura was there and she’s said the covers were better than the originals! 😆 Here’s some pictures and videos from the show:


After Hours

It’s a Hit


The Great Escape

 You can see the rest of her pictures from this show here.


24 thoughts on “From London with Michael Caine’s The Ethosphere

  1. I tried to go but they seemed to only let about 4 people in before saying the place was full up. It is pretty small up there though, so fair enough. Oh, and Alex Turner was hanging around downstairs 🙂

  2. What ever!. It was just were I could get in after being there most of the day and getting at the stage first!. I didn’t know where who would stand!. lol

  3. Did he!. lol

    Well I am watching now, and Steve just said something from the Wacky Scientists is coming up. lol

    God I am sooooo nervous. lol

    I don’t know why, as it was Mainly Suze and Heather blabbing on camera. lol

  4. Ahh no problemo. Ive got a couple more of when he came into the crowd. It was such a tiny venue, those videos are awesome. The T4 thing was on yesterday night. Its only a couple of minutes long but thats long enough, aha!

  5. ‘way, I’m in a couple of them. I look like a mess, but it was hard not to, lol.

    I believe I was the girl standing next to you with the kind of brownish gingery hair & glasses… I was wearing a long shirt with a tie and a wool vest thing and white shorts?

  6. If you did hit me with your camera I didn’t notice… anyway, even if you’d full on smacked me over the head with it I probably wouldn’t have cared.

  7. hey yeah Suze got back in -Whoo!!!!!!!!!!! Not stealing her good news or anything but didn’t want you all hanging on with suspense….I loved how she went out of the room for a minute and missed our t.v. debut then had wait an hr to watch it all again on 4 plus one!! ha!!!

  8. ahhh i got in to the old blue last gig, i was there from 1.30pm haha!
    possibly the best i’ve ever seen them, loved how casual and informal it was.
    michael caine’s the ethosphere > we are scientists!

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