T4 Transmission, WAS Segue

DOWNLOAD: T4 Transmission – What Goes On Tour
(If you’re in this clip, congratulations on being on TV! 😀 )

The We Are Scientists Segue on Colin Murray’s BBC Radio 1 show is back again. Download this week’s clip here.


12 thoughts on “T4 Transmission, WAS Segue

  1. Aha! Im so jealous we didnt go to the bbq! But theres a clip of textbook and you can see the back of me and my friends head.

  2. I loved your running!!!!! just the thought of it makes me giggle….and to be fair from all the footage they had it could’ve been soo much worse!!!

    God bless good editing (and julian appreciating the weirdness) oh and of course the band, not quite sure how they managed it but Keith and Chris made us look a little less strange for hanging round street corners and getting drunk at one o clock in the afternoon.

    Loved the whole”Yeah, they turn up and tell the venue how things are gonna be- protecting us from them-the psycho fans!” Awesome well worth a soundcheck and bbq!!!!

  3. OMG!.

    I feel sick!.

    Never again!.

    Especially not the running if I can help it. I nearly got run over and I don’t know what came over me to run. lol

  4. haha, looked like fun. Re: the sausage comment. I laughed, then I cried a little. then I was consumed by a feeling of powerful jealousy.

    in a roundabout way I’m trying to ask if anyone knows anything about a cover or rockstar (by nickelback, that soon to be legendary rock band) they apparently did? have been looking for it for ages but to no avail and I think if anyone knows where I can hear it, they will be on here. sorry to be off topic but I heard the actual song earlier and it set my mind a-thinking.

  5. It was first time Jodie seen them!. lol

    We cringed when she said it, awkward silence for a while!. lol

    Keith said nothing for her!. lol

    I like off topic!. Being Spontaneous is just sooooooooo me!.

  6. I’m sure she made quite an impression. I suppose it could have been worse, somehow. Not sure how… but there’s always a way to make a bad situation worse even if it isn’t immediately apparent. Perhaps she could have added a suggestive wink then tried to take it back (like in peep show) or broken into the wham rap to fill the silence?

    seriously though, im sure it wasnt as bad as all that, haha.

    As for the rockstar cover. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES, A SULTAN’S PALACE AWAITS YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE! Banging that straight on a mixed cd for work to cheer me up when the customers are insanely mean to me (which is all too often :'() Lovely especially since I work next door to a subway.

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