From the Jersey Live festival

We Are Scientists Enrage Channel Island Relations At Jersey Live
Good job angering the locals, guys! 😆

BBC Jersey has pictures of their performance on their Flickr set starting here.

ITV has streaming videos of Chick Lit and an interview from that day here on their site.

DOWNLOADS: Chick Lit – Jersey Live Festival 2008 / ITV Interview – Jersey Live Festival 2008


10 thoughts on “From the Jersey Live festival

  1. I found two videos of WAS out at sea, I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not…they’re pretty boring, but somewhat amusing.

    my favorite part is in the second part, when Chris crosses his legs, then uncrosses them, then crosses them again. or maybe it was Adam or Keith?

  2. Yeah, I saw those videos yesterday too, Adrian. I thought the first one was mildly interesting, but I was hoping there might be more footage added later, and then I’d link to it.

    I think in that second video, it’s Adam that’s sitting next to Chris, and he’s the one who’s got his legs up and crossed. (God, I pay too much attention to this kinda shit. 😛 )

  3. I’ve just watched this clip twice and i’d say that Max is sat on the edge of the boat and Adam puts his feet on the side then Max asks everyone to shove up and puts his feet on the side, Adam follows with his feet on the side and barefooted Chris puts his feet on also, sad i know!!!!!!!!!! but thought it might help clear things up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think the most amusing part is actually the fact that Chris is both bare-footed and bare-chested, and Keith is wearing a JACKET. Heh.

  5. If it helps, the blonde guy in the blue t shirt sat next to Max is my friend Ian. He kept texting me from the boat and bragging, the big jerk.

  6. What was the first one all about!. Great interviewer!.

    Can’t even put the camera in a normal position, I had to break my neck to watch it!. lol.

    Only joking, just had to turn the monitor on the side!. lol

    And part 2 was about what exactly!. lol

    I seen the feet thing, no keith doing it though!. 😀

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