Their meeting with Johnny Depp, WAS segue for this week, BBC Sound clip

Boys are in too Depp
The Mirror gives a brief summary of this video from Channel Bee.

DOWNLOAD: We Are Scientists – Stories – Channel Bee

And the We Are Scientists segue from Colin Murray’s BBC Radio 1 show this week is also available to download.

Laura’s just uploaded a clip of the guys on BBC Sound- click here to download it.

If you listened to the podcast I linked to last week that had the visit to Y-Rock studios and wanted the individual tracks, you’re in luck! Laura was also very kind enough to separate and upload those tracks. Check out that post again to download those files.


13 thoughts on “Their meeting with Johnny Depp, WAS segue for this week, BBC Sound clip

  1. No one take the piss, but I’m not sure whether to believe that whole Johnny Depp thing or not, because We Are Scientists make so many jokes, it’s hard to tell when they’re being serious or not. They’re like the boys who cried “wolf”.

  2. Well given that the last segment in the pirates trilogy was released what two yrs ago?! I’d say the mirror was stupid an yes its a joke…but then you never know stranger things have happened!!!!
    What I absolutely love thou is how underneath the guys saying ‘yeah we owe him money’ theres adverts for credit cards and debt solutions!!!! HA x

  3. If you watch enough We Are Scientists interviews, you’ll understand when they’re joking around and when they’re being serious.

    And easy way to tell in videos where they’re joking is looking at Keith’s face. He usually blows it somehow by laughing or smiling too much. 😛

  4. Yeah, he does. I do watch quite a lot of their interviews, but in this one there isn’t much smiling or laughing going on at all.

    I reckon one day, no one will take anything they say seriously. It’ll come back to bite them. Like the boy who cried wolf, sort of…

  5. That interview thing on sound was brilliant!

    I thought that interview sounded a bit unreal but then you’re right Keith looks pretty serious and doesnt burst out laughing.

  6. I wasn’t so sure at first either, but then I thought that can’t be true. And it wouldn’t be WAS if they told a true story on a format like that.

    Also, I’ve seen Johnny Depp in quite a few interviews (yes, I quite like him and I know an interview doesn’t say much… but still) and he seems a very humble and down to earth person. so I doubt that story after all.

    I could imagine they would be quite amused if they read our discussion whether this is true or not. 😆

    And maybe they wanted to tell us “worshippers” sth.? 🙄 😛 😆

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