More shows this fall, some interviews

More tour dates in October and November!


13 – Tempe – The Clubhouse Music Venue
14 – Tucson – Club Congress


2 – Des Moines – Vaudeville Mews
13 – Boston – Orpheum
14 – Albany – Valentines
17 – Virginia Beach – The Jewish Mother

With the exception of the Boston date, these shows are not part of the Kings of Leon tour.

We Are Scientists Is Into Raffi
Keith and Chris talk about living in New York and about the UK.

We Are Scientists Traded R.E.M. for Death Metal
Keith and Chris explain how they started listening to R.E.M. and discuss the upcoming Kings of Leon tour.

We Are Scientists – Inglismaal staarid, Ameerikas underground
(I don’t understand much of the article because I think it’s written in Estonian, but I can see that it’s an interview with Chris)


12 thoughts on “More shows this fall, some interviews

  1. are those shows headlining or opening for someone else?

    ha I loved the first interview!

    I wish I could read Estonian! I was looking online for an Estonian to English translator, but the only thing I could find didn’t work…any Estonians reading this that could translate for the rest of us?

  2. it’s so weird that WAS are playing with The Stills and Kings of Leon…those are two bands that I would have never associate with WAS. not to say they’re bad bands, they’re just…not very WAS-y?

  3. Man, I kinda feel sorry for the guys when I see their touring schedule. so many dates….I mean, it’s good for the fans, esp. in the US since they/you don’t get that much of WAS as we get here in europe. but it must be pretty tiring.

  4. Are you asking about any show in particular? From the ones I listed above, Tucson and Albany are already on sale. I’m not sure about the other ones, and I’d suggest you look up each venue’s website.

    You can’t log in to the forum because it’s offline and it’s being worked on- it’s been like this since the end of July. (Wow, I double checked that to see if I was being accurate- and fuck- it really has been longer than a month. Sheesh. 😦 )

  5. oh k thanks. i was just wondering if there was a presale. haha

    yeah i was just wondering if it was me, but apparently not.
    they really need to fix it, it so inconvenient

  6. Yeah Kerstin, I totally agree. I dont know how they do it. I dont know any other band that does such non stop monster touring regularly. They must love it.

  7. I want them to fix the board too. Looks like chris is kinda responsible for the webness, so, Chris – pick up a spanner and get on your hands and knees, yeah?

    funny that they mentioned rage against the machine considering how they don’t actually like them (if nme is to be believed anyway.)

    they’re right about british girls though. hoho. um.

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