Rehearsal Space, Waking Up With…, Impatience review, and this week’s WAS segue, Chris in The Observer

Rehearsal Space

In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Keith and Chris discuss the advantages of being signed to a major label, their unique method of achieving popularity in the UK, why it’s important to be hands-on when mixing your music, and finally how one member’s hobby either created or nearly destroyed the band, depending upon whom you ask.

Keith and Chris were on Channel 4’s 4music special Waking Up With…We Are Scientists. Thanks to Drew (a video wiz and legend at the Editors’ forum) I am happy to share a link to download the video for this here.

And Laura’s pitched in this week again with sharing the link to download this week’s We Are Scientists segue from Colin Murray’s BBC Radio 1 show.

BBC Radio 1’s Chartblog review of Impatience is here.

ETA 9/14/08

Chris was in today’s Observer Music Monthly Magazine:


67 thoughts on “Rehearsal Space, Waking Up With…, Impatience review, and this week’s WAS segue, Chris in The Observer

  1. The video is around 20 minutes long so I can’t upload it to Youtube because Youtube has a limit of 10 minutes for videos.

    I’ve checked and the link still works. If it still doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll see about uploading it elsewhere.

  2. Downloading worked fine for me. sometimes there are too many downloading at the same time, I think. Try later again. I’m sure it’ll work then.

    Oh and thanks to everyone again for those downloads. Looking forward to watching it, only saw the first minute of that “rehearsal space”. looks great. πŸ˜€

  3. Well, that’s totally understandable having the withdrawal. They always give us so much that we feel that cruel withdrawal when there are a few days without new stuff, right?

    I will feel the same after the gig on friday. It will be a long time til we’re gonna see WAS again live, us non US-citizens I mean. πŸ˜‰

  4. I agree Kerstin, whenever i turn on the computer there always seems to be new stuff around, which is great. We are all eagerly awating all your news from Cologne, you lucky girl xxx

  5. Surely I’ll let you know. You don’t think I can keep those things to myself, right? πŸ˜‰
    And I do feel lucky. very excited and still can’t believe it. I’m sure it will be great. πŸ˜›

  6. OMG i’m soooo exited for you Kerstin, me and Jo were just saying we are so pleased that it’s your turn to have time with WAS because we have kind of hogged them over the last few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. well, luckily I saw them at the Highfield festival, but I prefer those intimate WAS-only gigs. although their Highfield show was really awesome, I’m even more looking forward to this one. I hope we can make the best of it. But yeah, the UK is always hogging them. πŸ˜‰

    But I’m not complaining, no other band I’ve been a fan of toured so much in Germany like they do. So I really appreciate that they are coming to Germany that often πŸ˜€ despite those sometimes pretty lame crowds. No, I won’t mention that Berlin gig πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

    anyways, sorry for rambling.

    I watched that WAking you up-video. Is that Nick Grimshaw? wow, he was pretty lame, wasn’t he? didn’t seem like the guys were having too much fun. lol.

  8. The waking up one was…weird.
    What was with the bunny? And the party hats?
    I’m confused…

    Rehearsal space interview was great.

  9. And I agree with Laura on the whole ‘ease the withdrawal’ thing.
    I’ve seen We Are Scientists 5 times this year and now I actually miss them.

  10. hehe, I actually liked those party hats. those were the best in that “interview”. I have to say a party hat suits Keith. πŸ˜›

    That Grimshaw didn’t even know the name of the “Chick Lit” video. but it is even worse that he said so. πŸ˜• I hate it when interviewers are not prepared.

  11. I don’t ever want them to quit their music! They are a fantastic band with fantastic music and awesome live shows!
    and the ppl asked by the NME are in no way representative, neither is the NME.

    I love the WAS humour, but I’m in it for the music.
    But: It is great that they are so different compared to all those other bands and musicians out there. They are so refreshing. Why can’t ppl handle diversity? why do WAS have to be either comedians or musicians? as if musicians shouldn’t/can’t be funny. being funny and humorous musicians is the brilliance of WAS. a wonderful package!

  12. I HATE PEOPLE. They bitch and moan when an actor tries to have a music career and fail at it, but when someone (or more accurately two people called Keith and Chris) actually does two things well (such as comedy and music, for a wild example plucked out of the air) they dont stand back and say “they’re so talented, they can do a lot of things!!!!” they say “cannot compute! if they are good at one thing they cant be good at another thing. they must quit one of these things and concentrate on the other thing.”

    So I dont blame them for completely denying the tv show rumours. it’d be totally amazing and completely hilarious, i have no doubt – but if they did it everyone would start up again saying they should stop making music.

    Basically I agree with Kerstin but i wanted to have a rant about it.

    Nick Grimshaw is a tit, yeah. I want his job though. I think i’d be better at it. πŸ˜‰

  13. Oh Kerstin, I just realised that your are going to Cologne on Friday, though i should ve known πŸ˜‰ Lucky you! I am stuck in Munich that weekend, wouldve loved to join you. I m sure it’ll be fab, the crowd in cologne is usually well into it. You ll have a ball. And take lots of pics!

  14. I loved the article from The Observer! I adore Sr. Cain, he is a god.

    I think in an interview with Chris I read a long time ago he mentioned how he would much rather be a writer than a musician, and if he had his way he’d be writing books instead of basslines. He also said something like Tapper and Keith were the true musicians, and though he liked it he thought he wasn’t as meant for it as the other two…something like that.

  15. oh no, Adrian. what you are writing about Chris makes me a bit sad, or rather worried about how long they are going to make music together. I mean, if Michael left the band due to their huge touring schedule, and he was more the “true musician”, it doesn’t bode well, does it? and chris has a family…. oh well…. πŸ˜•

    But yes, Chris would most probably make a good writer. I enjoyed that little observer article a lot, too. I think I read it at least 3 times in a row, because I didn’t want it to end. πŸ˜‰ very well written and highly enjoyable, but oh…makes me a bit sad at the same time.

    “Sam”: thank you. πŸ˜€ I will have lots of fun. I actually wanted to tell you on myspace, but somehow i got distracted. I hope you have a bit of fun in Munich too. Sadly my camera “died”. I will have to rely on my friend. at least I can make short (crap quality πŸ˜• ) videos.

  16. Impatience release today!

    The Ibizia remix is really good! Still got to listen to the b-sides on the vinyl player when I get home. And I got a signed poster so i’m happy! πŸ˜€

  17. 😯
    is Keith’s fringe gone???

    at around 0:27 there is a short glimpse of him and it looks like it.

    and there is not much flying around here. 😯

    any confirmation from fans who saw them the last days? please….

  18. I agree about the waistcoat. that was my first thought. πŸ˜›

    but man, can’t get over keith’s hair. πŸ˜• but there’s no way just “bringing” it back, is there? now we must be very patient. πŸ˜‰ I wonder who did this to his hair? did he want it to be that short, I wonder? πŸ™„

  19. wow. I kind of like it.

    I can’t believe I’m not screaming right now. I loved that fringe, but it is nice that he’s decided to try and look like a grown-up, hair-wise. πŸ˜›

    come on, guys! don’t be down! check out this hunk o’ man, and tell me he isn’t sexy:

    and look! short hair!

    or maybe he just cut it very short so he won’t have to get it cut for a year. maybe he’s planning on growing it back. maybe Chris was jealous of Keith’s beautiful hair and cut it off while he was sleeping.

  20. somehow I knew you like it, Adrian. πŸ˜‰ didn’t you like chris’ new haircut back then as well? πŸ™„

    ok, I like that old photo too, but the “other” hair is shorter too now. well, I don’t know. also, that makes him look quite a lot older and having that fringe kinda balanced out the grey hair business (which I love, don’t get me wrong).
    I have to get used to it I guess. But I will definitely miss that fringe on Friday. oh well, I don’T dare telling/showing it to Maren, wonder what she’ll say.

  21. adrian, you have to make a new keithdoll now. πŸ˜‰

    interesting how such little bit of hair gets us overly excited (in either way). I mean it’s 1 am and I actually have to work, but noooo, I’m writing like dozens of comments about a person’s fringe. Is this still normal? πŸ™„ Ok, better not open that door, right?

  22. adrian, that photo reminded me of the we aren’t scientists site! :] i haven’t been on that in they still update it?…

  23. they haven’t updated we aren’t scientists since we found out the album artwork. old tour dates are still up…

    haha oh noes! I didn’t think about that, Kerstin! I probably should make a new Keithdoll… ha which haircut of Chris’s are you talking about? I don’t think I’ve liked any of his haircuts.

  24. ^ yeah i just went to it today and remembered the WAS past show collection challenge! 😦 oh well atleast we have whats the word!! i think i’ve been coming here, a couple months after it was made! how long ago was that Renee?!

  25. hah.

    Yahoo has this story on “Bands named after songs”….it says:
    “We Are Scientists after Cap’n Jazz’s ‘We Are Scientists!’”
    hah. don’t think so.

    p.s. BRING IT BACK KEITH, BRING IT BACK! (you’re still the silver fox tho ;))

  26. Thanks to Joanne for alerting me to this crisis! πŸ˜€

    I was preparing myself for a shocking cut, but I have to say… mmm-m-mmmm. I likes it. I liked it before, but I have to agree with Adrian. He is indeed one sexy hunk o’man.

    Need more pictures though. To fully appreciate and understand what has happened here… πŸ˜‰

  27. Jeez! I just remembered this: the Guardian in their ‘What s hot and what s not’ section had Keith s hair on top of their list once:
    “We Are Scientists hair Singer Keith Murray proves that you can have greying indie hair and look cool”.
    I am with them on this one! Anyways one girl replied in a letter to the editor, which still makes me chuckle:
    “At the top of The Measure’s “cool” barometer (May 31) is singer Keith Murray, who allegedly ‘proves that you can have greying indie hair and look cool’. That is not “cool” hair – it’s a massive comb-over.”
    I think it s only fair that his hair is discussed in this forum in depth, as people even gossip about it in a national newspaper ;-)!

  28. you have a point, Sam!
    I think he will get lots of questions regarding his hair and I don’T think I can hold back on Friday either. I mean… WHY???
    Ok, I’m gonna give it a chance til I see other photos resp. him itself. mmmhhhh…I’m very curious. I think this is even more shocking than when Chris had his mohawk. πŸ™„

    Damn, I’m still talking about hair. tsss… really gotta stop now…

  29. We need more photos!!! But think I kinda like it! Plus I can now get the fringe I want and not worry he’d think I was trying to impersonate him ha!! aww this does not help withdrawal at all!!!!

  30. over two years! its doesn’t feel like it because i usually come to this almost everyday! haha i remember going onto nebulize my mind but then found this site which updated and sill does frequently!! much appreciated!

    And about Keiths hair, is it natural?! i’ll never know!…

  31. Oh my goodness. I’m rather late but…Keith’s fringe went missing?

    Some of you might see what I’m about to say as blasphemy, but it from what I can see, it actually looks ok. And much neater too. But that’s just from those pictures and low-ish quality youtube videos.

    Just what is it with long-ish side fringes? It must be some sort of curse: Once you’ve got one, you can never get rid of it without people getting really upset about it. Seriously though, my friends aren’t allowing me to get my hair cut because they like my hair too much. I just keep throwing a tantrum and shouting: “I’m bored!! I want something new!!”

    Cheer up guys. I know you all miss the Keith fringe, but, hey, it could be worse:

    oh dear. What on earth posessed him?

  32. as far as i can tell, the fringe is still there, just a bit shorter πŸ˜›

    it was a bit like that when i saw them in spillers a few months back, it looked good, don’t worry guys, it’s not that outlandish! lol

  33. lol i LOVE the whole “Fringe-Gate” saga =D
    its keepin me goin @ the mo cus Works SO Cr$p =/ lol

    yes i will say “I miss the floppy fringe”
    Keith was lookin the hottest i think i think he’s been (& thats sayin sumet cus he aint eva not hot lol)
    & i did the whole Keith though the years thing last night to make sure i wasnt just gettin sweeped up in the whole “Fringe-Gate”
    but like everestdanger said we could of had the Tash back =/ lol
    then we would have a whole new fish
    “Frash-Gate” Sarga (dose that work =/ (thinks) =/)

    Chris in his waistcoat looks Supper Cute aswell =D i hope its his new thing =D


  34. I forgot to mention this earlier, but I do agree that Christopher Cain looks awesome in a waistcoat.

    And I find it quite funny how Helen called me everestdanger. Feel free to refer to me as ‘Emily’ or ‘Emily The Bear/Astronaut/any other suffix of your choice.’ as I would’ve been known on the now desceased We Are Scientists message boards.

  35. Sorry Emily (looks down =/ lol)
    i couldnt remem your real name & my head was hurtin yest after all the trub i had wiv getting tickets for sumet =/ OMG is all i can say
    i started @ 9am & didnt sort it till 8pm =O im glad that i dont have that prob wiv WAS =D

    Adrian i would pay good money to see ev of them lol
    Keef as a villain is one of them funny films or
    Keef dressed as a Mexican lmao
    i would pay REALLY good money if it was a combo of the 2 =D

  36. I agree with Adrian on the ‘Keith + Tache = Villan whose hobbies include tying damsels in distress onto train tracks’ thing. I don’t know why, but I think Keith sometimes comes across as a bit of a villian anyway, but even more so with the tache.
    I’m NOT saying he’s a mean, evil person, I just reckon We Are Scientists look, to me, like they would make good criminal masterminds/con-men. Please don’t ask me why…
    I’m shutting up now.

  37. His pensive/serious face! ha I remember that….the tache just made me giggle! He should have had it for chick lit vid….now they’ll just have to write their v own western themed musical and put it as a dvd extra with next album…you know BTM gave us the acoustic london show, untitled gives us their own mini movie. Ha….ok I’ll stop……now!


  38. These are from tonight!
    I actually think he looked great! Plus, he told us he’s gonna let it grow back, so it’s all good. πŸ˜‰

    Apart from that, the gig was AWESOME!!! Best WAS gig I’ve seen this year! They were in a good mood and it was a great setlist! They even played “Ram it home” as the last song. πŸ˜€
    They said it felt great to have their own fans at a gig, cause nobody really knows them at the REM shows.
    Chris’ son was there as well though he fell asleep during the set I guess. πŸ˜‰

  39. Thank you lena for the pics,sounds like you had an amazing gig last night.I have to say his fringe is kinda still their(just) but has been thinned out and cut short all over the back and sides.He looks different and i must say i prefair the old Keith!!!!

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