Notes from the Road, WAS Segue, an interview with Chris, show in New York in November

There’s a new video at the Imeem page where “Chris” gets interviewed in Latvia.

ETA 9/28/08: There’s a new one about their day off in Warsaw.

The We Are Scientists Segue from this week:

They Are Scientists
Chris reveals what the Brain Thrust Mastery album could have been titled, his cats, and the books he’s reading.

Fans in the New York area- there’s a show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza on November 22. Tickets are on sale now if you go through the Live Nation page and pick the Nokia Ticket Rush option (it’s free to join Nokia Ticket Rush). Or you can wait for general sales next Friday, the 3rd, at 10 AM.

The Cologne post below has been updated with more pictures, thanks to Kerstin.

** I’ve got a question for anyone outside of the UK who ordered the Impatience bundle from the WAS merch site- did you receive yours yet? I am still waiting for mine 😦


35 thoughts on “Notes from the Road, WAS Segue, an interview with Chris, show in New York in November

  1. I don’t have my Impatience bundle yet, either. 😦 I got an email saying it would be shipped early last week, so it should be here by now.

  2. Really? Wow, and here I was thinking there’d be a delay with mine because they’d be shipping to the US. I got an email early last week saying there’d be a delay, but this wait is ridiculous. I knew I should’ve stuck with buying it through or eBay.

  3. I didnt order one so cant help. Sorry!

    Can anyone help me out though, this imeem thing loads really slowly and seems to make my computer crash… could someone put it on youtube instead? 🙂

  4. haha, that imeem video is brilliant. I love how chris wears his glasses under those sunglasses. 😆 smoooth. 😆

    But I also love the second video about their day off in warszaw. haha. creepy.

    Adrian, their german wikipedia-page is nothing special but it still has that part where it says “because of their “grumpy” nature it is almost impossible to have an interview with them” haha. I’m always tempted signing up on wikipedia to add “that is so not true”. I have to do that one day.

    ahem, since I’ve only been a “fan” for like 9 months, what is that Mad magazine? i think I heard/read about it somewhere, but I’m not sure.

  5. Luckily I got my impatience bundle the day the the single was released and a signed poster as well 😀 So yours has been a while but you are overseas and as some people in the UK haven;t even got theirs yet maybe give it a while longer? 🙂

  6. aahh, I see. thanks, Adrian. I think I know what you mean.

    I just watched that latvia-interview for the 4th time. I can’t get over it. haha. “thank god for keith” that was funny.
    “every one of them (records) was a pleasant surprise”. awwww…

    it seems the “interviewer” asked all those questions they get asked so often: about REM, about his son…haha. now i feel stupid for asking the same things. lol.

    But I do hope keith lets his hair grow again. 😕

  7. i dunno… last time this happened to me (with some Raconteurs single i think) my order ended up getting canceled. this is making me nervous guys, I haven’t even gotten this fabled email saying it will be late…

  8. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking might happen, Marie. The same thing happened to me (and many other disappointed Editors fans) when the single for the very limited release of Editors’ “Push Your Head Towards the Air” had a lot of pre-orders and then they weren’t able to fulfill them. Both and Trinity Street Direct (the same company WAS is using) ran out of their bundles and now if I want to find the vinyls for that single I might have to pay more than US $50 for ONE of them.

    I don’t believe this situation would happen for WAS and the Impatience single. I hope that our orders won’t be canceled. I’ve had no response to the email I sent to the company after I learned about the delay with the shipping. This didn’t happen to me with the Chick Lit bundle. I didn’t even care if I got a signed poster or not, I was just happy with the cheap price they offered. I’ll have to think twice next time I want to pre-order any WAS singles.

  9. It’s great you’re looking into this pre-order issue, Chris. It’s great you do that.

    ahem, I don’t want to be annoying or sth. please forgive me if I am. but since you are finding things out, would you mind checking what is going on with the forum or if/when it will be back? that would be so cool. I totally forgot to ask that the last time. I miss that “place”.
    pretty please….

  10. kerstin, about the forum: apparently they were gonna try and get it fixed, but if it didnt work, they were going to get a new one. the time frame heard was that they’d have it done by the beginning of september, so either I heard wrong, or a new one is just around the corner, or maybe they’ll just sort it out when they’re less busy.

    I guess just sit tight and keep checking to see if its sorted every now and then. 🙂

    I totally loved those videos when I got them to work. Had a pretty rubbish day (my friends are JERKS) and they’ve cheered me up immensely. Makes me glad we are scientists can be categorized as “that band with all the jokes” rather than “that band with all the bad songs,” heh.

  11. oh, thanks, Ellie. Yeah, I heard that about september too, I just wondered as it is october already. I just thought there might be other news. I check every day for the forum. :o( I’m just afraid the longer it takes, the less likely it’s gonna come back. I’ve made that experience a few years ago with another band’s forum. after being hacked and several problems they decided to close it down. and it’s never been the same on a new forum. I really hope it doesn’t happen with WAS’ forum.

    but that tour diary does help to ease WAS withdrawal symptoms. haha. they are too funny. wonderful. WAS are really the best therapy when you’ve had a dreadful day. I love them for it. They never fail to cheer me up and make me smile again. 😀

  12. I know, he told me September too. but as you said, who knows? 😉 I know they are super-busy at the moment, but I always thought it’s some other ppl doing all that aministration work for the forum. anyways………I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I can’t imagine that there are people who would disagree with us, that they are fab. really. I always think that really *everyone* must love them. I mean, how can you not? it’s actually impossible…

  13. Sorry if I was telling stuff you already knew Kerstin.

    Argh, imeem is driving me up the wall. It’s like youtube but it works even less often. A couple of days it was working but loading really slowly but now it wont play at all. This is not my day for technology… I tried to edit the waking up with interview into segments to upload it to youtube but whenever I published it it got a few minutes into it then froze, then the audio stopped, then the picture abruptly vanished. The reason for this happening can be summed up in three words: windows movie maker.

    I’m not the only one that imeem is being a tit for surely? It even takes several years to show photos on there properly.

    *bashes head against screen and wails*

  14. Imeem has magically begun working for me! Lets hope this lasts….

    Theres a new one up too about prague, which is hilarious. Chris proves to be quite the tour guide.

  15. 😆
    brilliant. that made my day. again. wonderful.

    I can totally see myself in Chris there. I’ve been to most of those placed too. but I’m not a “good” tourist. a bit like Chris in that video. 😛 although I guess he probably loves to visit all those places. how angry he looks when they had that view over old town. 😆

    love the red trousers. 😀

  16. I liked the shot where it slowly panned onto his face and he looked totally miserable.

    I cannot get over the giant metronome. It’s so… giant!

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