The Engine Room, WAS Segue, and new Notes from the Road

There’s a show on MTVU called The Engine Room and this upcoming week’s episode, airing on Monday, will feature WAS. The show follows four teams representing Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia-Pacific, chronicling their teamwork and creative processes. In each episode, teams compete in creative challenges that test their digital art skills – including animation, filmmaking, sound mixing, and web and graphic design, and this week’s challenge finds the teams competing to create the band’s new website. You can watch a preview of the episode here on Veoh. You can watch episodes of the show at The Engine Room’s site and through the MTVU channel that’s available on some college campuses.

UPDATE: You can watch the episode now at The Engine Room site. And if you want to take a closer look at the designs from each team, go to The Engine Room’s blog.

Download the We Are Scientists segue for this week.

There’s a new Notes from the Road episode and this time it’s from the lovely city of Prague.


15 thoughts on “The Engine Room, WAS Segue, and new Notes from the Road

  1. they’re designing a new site for WAS, that WAS are actually going to use?

    I don’t want some reality TV contestants designing WAS’s new site! I want WAS to design WAS’s new site. :-/

  2. I’m anxious to see what those designers will come up with. I’ve got some high expectations for whatever they design.

    I don’t know if anyone watches MTVU, but I think any kinda publicity for WAS is a good thing.

  3. I just watched it online, north america totally deserved to win. that fancam was such a brilliant idea, girls everywhere will go crazy with that.

    and latin america totally messed up Keith’s hair!! how dare they?! I am highly offended. (but I did like their animations besides that.)

  4. Thanks for the head’s up on that, Adrian! I just finished watching it- what an excellent choice they made! As soon as I saw North America’s presentation, I was sold on it. I loved that little unicorn animation and that fan cam is gonna do so well. I think we’ll be seeing lots of people’s Myspace/Facebook profiles with fan cam pictures once that’s up.

    I thought Europe’s was awful- the design was too busy and it looked like the type of page that would take forever to load. I hate that whole moving windows thing too, one of my other favorite bands has that look and it’s annoying.

    I hope they show the new website soon! I’m really anxious to see how the rest of it will look.

  5. Wow.
    I was sceptical as well for the same reason as Adrian, but I must say that design of the North American team was really good indeed. I totally agree with you, Renee, I also hate sites where loading takes ages. I rather have it simpler but fast. and that fan cam thing is brilliant. I really have to finally set up my webcam. 😛 that lady was right, all the girls will love that feature. boys as well, of course. *coughs*

    I hope this will also bring the forum back. ooooh, looking forward to it now. 😀 and I hope that we’ve waited the longest time now and it will be back soon.

  6. Yup new website looks exciting – and badly overdue! Hopefully the designers realised how important the forum was (or the boys told them, cos they know!) and it’ll be included.

    Prague “Notes” is hilarious – “I don’t know why everyone in the world doesn’t just move to Prague” – we should all do that, sounds fun! And Prague is pretty spectacular, it must be said.

  7. the videos are legend. did anyone see gonzo, hosted by WAS last friday? i nearly wet myself, chris’ australian accent LOL.

    gotta feel sorry for them, they’ve been touring for SO long, they must feel ridiculously rough by… about, half a year ago? 😛

    it’s gotta be fun though, i mean, come on now 😀

  8. See it’s been so long since the forum went down that I’d forgotten my forum name! Oh well….

    Didn’t know about the Gonzo thing ( I don’t even think I have that channel ) but there seems to be something up on the MTV2 website. Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet (well I can look, but don’t have sound, so not much use!) but might be a snippet at least?

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