Gonzo clips, review from Madrid, interview with Chris

The guys hosted last week’s edition of MTV’s Gonzo. I don’t have the full video of this, but there’s clips you can watch at the Gonzo site or you can download the clips here:

DOWNLOAD: We Are Scientists Gonzo Takeover I Interviewing Mystery Jets

R.E.M. / We Are Scientists @ Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas
Music Snobbery’s got a full review of the show in Madrid with lots of good photos, including ones where you’ll see WAS on stage with REM.

I found a video on Youtube of their onstage performance with REM during “Man on the Moon” and the cover of Iggy Pop’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” It’s kinda blurry and shaky, but you can definitely spot them at the left side there. Pretty amazing moment, huh?

Darwin’s devils
Chris talks about the album and the perfect Christian cocktail

Tomorrow starts day 1 of the Kings of Leon / We Are Scientists tour! I will try my best to update this site throughout next week with some recaps of the shows I’m going to. If anybody else is going to Vegas and/or the shows in California, I hope to see you there! 😀


8 thoughts on “Gonzo clips, review from Madrid, interview with Chris

  1. that review of “music snobbery” was such a pleasure to read. finally a really nice and good review for them. made me really happy.
    and that “darwin’s devil” “interview” was brilliant as well. one of the few journalists who know how to “take” them.
    “CHRIS Cain is kind of an asshole. Has been for years. It’s part of his charm, actually.” 😆 😛

    And I’m still hoping s.o. has gotten hold of the entire gonzo-thing…this must have been so funny. the nicole kidman story was hilarious.

  2. sorry, i should have mentioned the gonzo thing earlier :/

    zane lowe did an interview with them on there a while back tho, but he’s put that up as a podcast on itunes if you type ‘gonzo mtv’ into the search engine, if you missed that.

    it’s in three parts, i think. 🙂
    that’s really funny too, obviously.

  3. Oh Jeebus, WAS and REM together would be one of my dream gigs. Shame REM never saw fit to come this far north in the UK 😦 I think if I was actually there and saw them playing together I would probably do something really embarrasing like wet myself or fall into a dead faint. Good job I’m safely at home! Mike Mills on After Hours is bordering on surreal. Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. thanks so much for all these links, kerstin! I’m gonna have a long evening ahead of me with updating the site. It’s a shame I can’t watch these videos through my iPhone right now.

  5. no problem, Renee. it’s no effort, it’s pure pleasure looking for new WAS clips. 😀

    i just found a better clip with Mike Mills.

    it’s really pretty cool. keith and mike mills even hug each other in the end!

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