Las Vegas and San Diego recap, and some exclusive news

Hello, readers! I am finally back from nights one and two from the Kings of Leon / We Are Scientists tour and I’ve been looking forward to posting here all day. I have some really wonderful official WAS news to share with you, but before I get to that, here’s how the shows went:

Las Vegas – The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel:



snippet of The Great Escape:

My pictures looked much better on my digital camera screen than what they really looked like. I don’t even want to post thumbnails of them here, but if you’re curious to see what I got, you can view the photos at my Flickr set. Jenn was able to get better photos from this show:

San Diego – House of Blues

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Chick Lit
Let’s See It
Cash Cow
After Hours
It’s a Hit
Lethal Enforcer
The Great Escape

No cameras allowed at HOB, but I was able to get some on my iPhone.

I promise on the next tour posts there’ll be much nicer photos posted here. If any of you out there did go to these past two shows and would like to show your photos to everybody else, let me know!

UPDATE 10-15: Mindy recorded the audio of the show- download it here!

On to the news I’m excited to share with you:

The newly redesigned We Are Scientists website (as shown on MTV’s Engine Room) will be revealed on November 17. And for those of you who miss that space to talk about WAS, you’ll be happy to know that this site will include a brand new discussion forum.

Lethal Enforcer will be the next single to be promoted here in the US! Sorry UK fans, Impatience was the last single from Brain Thrust Mastery.

And I’ve pleaded my case in person for it, so cross your fingers, fellow upcoming WAS concert attendees: Ram It Home. Seriously guys, I’m sure I’m speaking for more than myself here in wanting this included in the setlist, right?


22 thoughts on “Las Vegas and San Diego recap, and some exclusive news

  1. I was wondering when the new site’d be up! awesome.

    ooh, the US gets it’s OWN single? we actually get something that Britland doesn’t? I feel so special! WAS really do care about they’re homeland. 🙂

    yes yes yes RAM IT HOME! pfft I’ve yelled for it enough times, they better play it.

    thanks for the news, Renee!

  2. oooh, I just talked with joanne about their forum and website. YAY. 😀 looking forward to it, even if that means to wait another month. :o/
    I call for starting the “Chris Appreciation Thread” on the new forum. 😛

    mmmh, I can say I’m a bit jealous of LE in the US, so I guess you guys will get some promo gigs/in-stores as well. But I’m happy for you, though. you must promise though to keep us updated on all those WAS news in the US.

    Yay, for Ram it Home. keep my fingers crossed they’ll play it. I guess the chances for “New Me” are slim then. Can’t have everything, right?

    I liked your photos, Renee. Really. And your videos are great.

  3. Wonderfull news,im very very happy now.Isnt it funny how thing happen,both Kerstin and I were discussing how much we miss the forum and what happens,Renee gives us the good news,so Nov 17th it is then.I wonder who will be the first to post!!!!!!………Renee,im loving your pics and vids,looks like you had an amazing time xx

  4. Adrian, I asked for That’s What Counts too, so I’m hoping it gets on the setlist on at least one of the next 3 shows on my list.

    No, Kerstin, I don’t think we’ll get any in-store gigs for a Lethal Enforcer release. But hopefully the song will get some airplay on radio stations here. And I would already consider it a miracle if they played Ram It Home here so any other b-side like New Me would most likely be out of the question.

  5. That vid is ace quality for a concert shot. Thanks Renee! I ve never actually participated in the forum discussions in the past 3 years of WAS evolution (too scared of spending even more time in the internet). But you guys miss it so much, i ll have to snoop when its up again to see what this is all about! Kerstin, you are personally responisble if I get addicted!

  6. it’s a shame about thats what counts!
    but i’m more shocked about the absence of this scene is dead 😦
    nice videos and photos there!

  7. Thanks much for the updates. I have audio from the San Diego show that I will upload and share later tonight.

    And hoo boy, add me to the list of those who would be thrilled to get anything out of the norm (in LA pretty please!). As much as I would love something, erm, craptastic, perhaps one of their notorious cover songs would go over better with a crowd that’s not so familiar with their catalog?

  8. I am loving this site SO MUCH! Thanks for the updates.

    They played ‘Ram it Home’ as their last song at the Sydney show. It was great because hardly anyone knew it and it filtered the real fans from the wannabe’s 🙂

  9. uhh Ellie heres a HELL YEAH!!! 🙂 new forum!! although i miss the old one.

    Its so depressing reading these updates because i won’t be able to see WAS when they come here. Everytime i hear KOL on the radio i turn it off because i can’t take it! 😦 oh well

    but you’re so right!! Ram it home must be played!!

  10. Yup, we get so used to WAS being here in the UK / Europe we shouldn’t really feel jealous of you guys in the US but we do nonetheless – anyway thanks for keeping us up to date, we feel included even tho’ the boys are so far away!

    And can I just say “Yay, the Telecaster is back!” – I love that guitar like a member of the band.

  11. lol i saw them last night
    they were pretty much incredible
    they were both so humble and nice but chris espesh
    meh, keith was texting the whole time the opening bands were performing…
    but yeah we got that’s what counts
    cash cow was like pretty much awesome
    i think the main highlight was when keith ran off stage, besides their comedic performance of course: bakery, pretzels, penis…
    man, it was pretty much epic

  12. Brilliant videos and photos Renee, thank you! And thanks Mindy for t’audio 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the new site too. Might even dip my toe in the forum this time. I found it a bit intimidating/overwhelming before… 😳

  13. yes, Laura, please dip your toe into the new forum. :o) I found it overwhelming at first too, but you’ll get “used” to. ;o) it’s nice talking about WAS in a space like that. looking forward to filling that forum with photos and ramblings again. ;o)

    and thanks for the audio, Mindy. Just listening to it. 😀

  14. There are some very good quality vids up on youtube of yesterdays LA show. Anyone from here put them up? Certainly a huge fan of Keith, cam is constantly on him…. not that thats a bad thing…. 🙂

  15. Glad to share! I just sent Miss Renee audio of last night’s show and I think another post with LA goodies is coming soon.

    Haha, yeah, those are my friend Michelle’s videos. Her camera did seem to have a one-track mind last night… 😉

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