Interviews from LA, videos, NME blog, photos from Australia,

We Are Scientists: Breaking the altimeter with their higher brains
L.A. Music Examiner talks with Keith and Chris about the tour so far.

The Stills are keeping a blog at for this KOL/WAS tour. There’s two blogs up so far (here and here) and they mention WAS a few times. has a two part interview with the guys backstage in LA: Part 1 and Part 2.

We Are Scientists + Blue Juice @ The Zoo
Photos of the show in Brisbane are here.

I think this set of photos from the Melbourne show at the Hi-Fi Bar are excellent.

Smoke Radio Backstage at Reading Festival 2008
Start watching at 5:25. This is one of those must-watch interviews. (Thanks to Adrian and Ellie)

(I’m still working on making a huge post about the San Francisco shows.)


9 thoughts on “Interviews from LA, videos, NME blog, photos from Australia,

  1. ABOR-TI-ON!

    Are they a liiitle bit drunk? Speaking as a punter of reading festival, it’s pretty hard not to be drunk there. I turned up at 8 in the morning and people tried to get me drunk then.

  2. ah amazing interview, they have definately had something to drink 😀
    yeah at festivals you get up and think what’s for breakfast? oh, vodka 😀

  3. I only went one day, so I turned up all showered and pristine and walked into the campsite to meet my friends, who were all either still drunk from the night before, or in the process of getting drunk again and this is what I was greeted with:

    reading festival 2008

    That’s a lot of alcohol consumed!

    They set fire to that pile later on when it was significantly bigger after another days drinking. Extra points to the people who can spot the burnt umbrella in amongst the wreckage.

    Ps. there are a few photos of we are scientists on my flickr too for anyone interested. 🙂

  4. I would think being drunk would help to deal with interviews / interviewers…. kudos to the guys again for coming up with even more intricate explanations for the same old questions, how many variations of the story have we heard now? 😉

    My picture kept freezing during the Reading video when Chris was waving his hands about – I just noticed how bendy his thumb is – very curvy….!

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