Bits from Seattle

October 20, 2008 – Paramount Theatre, Seattle
Setlist (thanks to Adrian!):

Let’s See It
Scene is Dead
Chick Lit
Nobody Move
After Hours
That’s What Counts
It’s a Hit
Lethal Enforcer
Great Escape’s review of the show focuses on Kings of Leon but the last paragraph is a jab at WAS.

The Seattle Times review is another one that’s centered around Kings of Leon (Holy shit, Eddie Vedder was there?), but read on to the last line that mentions WAS.


28 thoughts on “Bits from Seattle

  1. that review, i.e. paragraph about WAS, SUCKS. esp. when they quote sth. from “paper” and can’t even get that right. argh…

    I prefer my always handsome and sexy, clever and hilarious Scientists, who don’t take themselves as fucking seriously as those KOL (*hides under the table*) and write awesome songs, anytime over those oh-so-solemn-and-we-are-so-important “Leaders of the new rock revolution”. blegh!

    sorry, rant over.

  2. that show was awesome. I just got home from Portland’s show, it was also awesome.

    I’m afraid to read those two reviews because it might ruin the complete state of bliss I am in from Seattle and Portland.

  3. if you read the first one, you can read the second one. it’s just one neutral sentence about WAS. but the first one was mean. you really shouldn’t have read it.

  4. I always feel like I have to apologise when I say that I honestly do not like kings of leon. They’re one of those bands that absolutely everyone else in the world seems to adore, but leave me feeling completely cold. It probably makes me dead inside but they just dont move me emotionally in the slightest. 😦 it doesn’t help that pretty much all of the kings of leon fans that Ive met thus far in my life have been really, really pretentious and annoying. Ugh – you like a different band to me – it does not make you a better person!

    That reviewer was clearly looking at the wrong bits of paper because that’s not even how nobody move nobody get hurt goes. And song lyrics aren’t meant to work well on paper – theyre meant to work well with the song.

  5. Ellie, I agree about KOL! They’ve been on the radio a lot here in the UK recently and I just don’t get all the fuss. I saw them on tv doing the festivals and I just got bored. 😮
    Maybe they’re better live, but I think if I’d be tempted to go see WAS then just leave! Especially if I saw correctly and the whole show was only $30 – that’s peanuts compared to similar shows here. I know the US economy is *ahem* having a few problems but it would almost be cheaper for me to fly to the US to see WAS than travel to London to see them! (I’m in Glasgow, Scotland)

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll do that next time…..

  6. I wouldn’t get too worked up about those reviews. The reporters were obviously there for KOL, writing articles to target THOSE fans, and WAS isn’t really of the same arena-anthem-rock genre. KOL’s good at what they do (this generation’s “Bon Jovi”) but not my thing. Honestly, I’m surprised at the support pairing (“pairing” — where are the Stills? in my argument and in those reviews) but I suppose it’s better exposure for WAS, in the event there is a KOL audience member who might get into their sound as well.

  7. I agree with Jenn, this can be ignored. It is a funny pairing indeed. WAS getting the general publicity of touring with a major major act is the very good thing about it.
    I see where the Bon Jovi comparison in terms of stadium rock is going and its a good one, made laugh very hard. but honestly, c’mon, you know these guys are in a different league. They ve got an expectional musical talent and the technical skills to go with it. Their demeanor is a bit funny but what to expect – when they got hyped they barely grew beards!

  8. “c’mon, you know these guys are in a different league”
    Nope. I don’t see it. Take away the big hair and funky clothes from Bon Jovi circa 80s-something, it all seems the same to me, the crowd-rock-singalong-package and that’s my elitist review of KOL (it works both ways, see).

  9. I dont think KOL are a bad band really… they’re just not really my cup of tea. If we are scientists had supported them over here I would have gladly gone along and seen what they were like, but I don’t think it would have changed my life or anything.

  10. Sure Jenn, I get your point. I didnt mean to convince you, sorry. Its just that I dont think every KOL is a sing along for the masses, quite to the contrary, at least if you look at their last album. But i guess we should be discussing that in a different forum. sorry guys!

  11. Awww. thank you for this link. this is such a lovely interview. both are in such a great mood and look awesome.

    “we’re not in this business to sneak around” awww. bless them. what they said about those small venues and their big bus reminded me so much of Cologne. *sigh* memories…..

    haha, and keith and his water slides. wonderful. 😀
    “sparklers”… 😆

    thanks again. a great way again to start the day. this put a big smile on my face. 😀 😀 😛

    is there a possibility to save that interview somehow? I got the feeling that it will be gone one day. And I don’t know anything about this stuff. 😕

  12. That’s okay, happy to post it. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed 😀

    They do look awesome. It was taken on the day of the Sydney show which I went to and they both looked great. You don’t realise how much they stand out until you see them in person. :):)

    I have no idea how to save it but I would love to know if anyone else can figure it out.

  13. yes, that’s true. they do stand out. they’ve got this awesome charisma. and they are so awfully nice which makes you love them even more.

    I already miss them.

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