Portland setlist, Keith’s Au Revoir Simone cover, WAS Segues

October 21 – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland

Setlist (thanks, again, to Adrian):
Let’s See It
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Chick Lit
Cash Cow
After Hours
It’s A Hit
Lethal Enforcer
The Great Escape

Keith Murray of We Are Scientists covers Au Revoir Simone’s “Don’t See the Sorrow”
Check out You Ain’t No Picasso to download Keith’s cover on the upcoming Au Revoir Simone covers/remixes album Reverse Migration.

Colin Murray’s still running the We Are Scientists Segue every Thursday, and I’ve forgotten to put the last two up! (Thanks, as always, to Laura for taking care of these)
We Are Scientists Segue – October 9, 2008
We Are Scientists Segue – October 16, 2008


12 thoughts on “Portland setlist, Keith’s Au Revoir Simone cover, WAS Segues

  1. I really like the Paramount and the Schnitzer, but I hope I never see WAS at a sit-down venue again. it just felt so wrong, even though I stood through their set. and just so’s ya guys know, those two venues are almost identical.

    oh, wow. that Au Revoir Simone cover is really weird. I think I prefer the original, but maybe it’ll grow on me. it kind of reminds me of She & Him.

  2. i really like the cover…it’s one of those songs i could probably keep listening to over and over…

    i hate the photo that comes up on my last.fm account for it though 😛

  3. I just saved Keith’s track as Keith A. Murray. I hate that I got that damn rapper in my stats now. :o/
    but keith is doing a nice job. i love when he sings the higher notes. he really should do that more often. I think he sounds a bit like the early marc bolan. *ahem* nice. 😀

  4. oh, that’s a good idea, Kerstin. I’ve just changed it to Keith A. Murray as well.

    I played it for my sister the other day, and she said it reminded her of Alex Kapranos. at first I didn’t get it at all, but now that I’ve listened to it quite a few more times I think I hear it.

  5. Yeah it does sound a bit like an acoustic Franz Ferdinand. I’m not familiar with the original (I find ARS a bit dull) but it’s a nice wee song.

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