Triple J interview, Imeem pictures, tour photos, last week’s WAS segue

Triple J TV with the doctor has a video interview with Keith and Chris where they talk about touring. You can also download it here. (thanks, Ardy!)

I think these photos I found on Imeem are for a future interview or something that hasn’t been aired yet.

There’s some nice tour photos from Denver and Austin.

And last week’s WAS Segue from Colin Murray’s show is here to download.


4 thoughts on “Triple J interview, Imeem pictures, tour photos, last week’s WAS segue

  1. Thank you ever so much for that download link, Renee. That’s brilliant. 😀

    and those photos on Imeem are lovely…… 😀
    I’m very much looking forward to the result of that session.

  2. Austin show was very good even though some KOL fans were very rude. I was there for both bands but I heard a couple of asses in the back telling to get off the stage. I was so furious.

    But Keith made it all better when he took a photo with my friend and I after the show. He was so nice! I would upload the photos for it but this isn’t my computer. But WAS were awesome . Lots of fun as usual!

  3. OK, so I asked for press passes 2 months ago for my friend and I for the Dallas show that is happening tomorrow, 29th of October. Because their publicist people took a good while to get back to me, I decided to forget about the Dallas show and just go to Austin.

    Today, however, I was notified that I get to interview Chris, have a photo pass and that’s also with tickets to the show me + 1.

    I can’t make it to Dallas from San Antonio on a day that I haven’t prepped for an interview that begins at 6 pm. *sigh* So despite how upset I am, I’d be happy to give the opportunity to another WAS fan. I know it’s very last minute but if you can notify me at ASAP, you can take the chance!

    One condition, share your story and pics with my blog. You can definitely share it with the folks here and anywhere else, I’d just like a piece too.

    I’m posting this also at sound of thunder board, possibly a Flickr group and over in a Kings of Leon board. So whoever I get first, I’m taking. It’s a great opportunity and I don’t want to waste it.

  4. I want to go. Oh no, wait. I live on the other side of the world. Damn.

    But this is very nice of you Miranda. I hope a genuine WAS fan “gets” it.
    you must be bummed that you can’t make it. I know I would. Please let us know when you’ve got that blog on your site. 😀

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