Their Halloween costumes, BBC Sound, Oxegen 08 with Fred

So… what did they end up wearing on Halloween?


(photo courtesy of Jack Liebl)

The guys were on a short segment of BBC Sound yesterday presenting The Science Behind. Laura caught it and you can download the video here.

She also found a four part MTV interview from this year’s Oxegen Festival where they’re interviewed by some guy named Fred. Download the video here.


21 thoughts on “Their Halloween costumes, BBC Sound, Oxegen 08 with Fred

  1. Ghouls! 🙂
    I edited the WAS wikipedia soundtrack list to include the sony commercial. It made my day to hear them mention my [minuscule] contribution in the fred interview. Thanks for posting!

  2. haha. 😆 that interview, or rather our lovely Scientists, not that interviewer, was so funny. I loved how Keith kept making all the noise with the dishes. and his little dances. Chris throwing up…oh dear. 😆 both looked immensely handsome. mmm…
    although it was a bit hard to follow sometimes when all three were talking. I hated that the interviewer interrupted them so often. but those were wonderful 11 minutes.
    thank you so much, Laura, again for finding and ripping this.

    and the Amy Winehouse thing was hilarious. brilliant as ever. 😀

  3. Im loving Keith’s dancing,i dont feel so bad for my bad dance moves to Y.M.C.A and The Birdy song video’s Tracey and i did.Once again many apologies to everyone who saw the said video’s on my Facebook profile or on YouTube!!!!!!!

  4. The interviewer called Fred is a man from the English band Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man, but was also in a band called Les Incompétents. From what i can gather he seems to be quite involved with all sorts of media as he is always interviewing people for other companies and stuff, just before Reading and Leeds he interview Cory Taylor. But his band also toured with Lightspeed Champion for ages this year.

  5. I always wondered about Winehouse’s hair and now I know! The question now is what is the science behind Keith’s hair ?!?

    Oxegen interview is brilliant – “I have no time for corpses!” ha ha! Was Keith a bit tipsy again – he was getting quite rude at points :-O

  6. I think he was “rude” in a cute way. 😀 But I didn’T catch the thing about corpses. have to watch out for that one.

    what I wonder, and I don’T want to be greedy, whether we’ll get another episode of WAS on tour on their Imeem account. I know they are super busy at the moment, but it’s been a while since the last one. I’m addicted….

  7. I meant rude as in a bit naughty, verging on dirty….? Of course he has cute, that goes without saying – it’s Keith, that’s what he does!!! 😉 They’re usually pretty clean, though, which is why I thought it comment-worthy. Not that I mind a bit of naughtiness now and again!

  8. If you dont ask you dont get Kerstin,or as Keith sings “theirs nothing wrong with asking”!!!!!!!!……so why im thinking about it,please guy’s we need more webisodes,and soon xx

  9. I acutally couldn’t stop laughing during that interview
    Chris and Keith were just hysterical in that one.

    Not sure why I find it so funny, but I love the part where Keith picks up the picture and goes “Who are THESE people!?!?!?” I swear it’s like Katie Price and family.

  10. ‘Tiny gigantic mice’…love it (the truth’s finally out there!) However I am currently facing a number of technical issues which won’t let me download the promised ‘naughty’ interview. Damnit!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t suppose it’s on youtube?!

    Hope everyones happy Hx

  11. ok, I don’t know where to put this, but if all goes like Chris told Renee, then we’ll have a brand new WAS website with a new forum in a week. YAY! what a long time it was. I really hope it all goes online next week.

  12. I’m so excited for the new forum/website! I hope they kept the unicorn on it.

    I wonder when Lethal Enforcer will come out, and when we’ll get a video for it.

  13. yes, we def. need sth. to look forward to.
    And I need some more WAS than there is at the moment. To be honest I was hoping there would be more clips of them from their tour with KOL. but there are almost no recent clips on youtube. And no more episodes on Imeem. 😦
    I miss them.

    I know we’re getting more from them than other bands “give” to their fans, but now we’re used a certain standard, right? 😉

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