Their reaction to last night’s election results

We Are Scientists on Obama Win: ‘It’s Like Christmas for Adults’
Keith tells NME about their drive to Chicago and celebrating Barack Obama’s presidential win 🙂


9 thoughts on “Their reaction to last night’s election results

  1. I know. It’s disheartening to note that while my fellow California residents can give an overwhelming YES vote to protect farm animals, we can’t agree on allowing ALL residents their right to get married. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. It’s pretty amazing news for the whole world, not just America. I know I was over the moon when I woke up and found out he’d won!

    There’s actually an article on the bbc website debating what kind of puppy Obama’s going to get, haha.

    Prop 8 going through really surprised me though…

  3. hah…this question has nothing to do whatsoever with this post but I keep forgetting to ask!

    ..WHO is the girl that does the vocals on dance off?!?!

  4. It’s Christian Owens. Keith’s girlfriend. She’s good, isn’t she? I really like her part. It’s kinda refreshing having a woman’s voice on a WAS-track, even though I always have problems with female voices.
    And that song is great. I love it.

    God, I’m jumping on every post here. I need the forum back. 😉

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