Interviews; tour reviews from Toronto, DC and Baltimore; in-between shows; a new WAS fan site, show canceled in WV

Sound Experiments: We Are Scientists
Chris talks to Express Night Out mostly about their music videos.

Playing Around with Science
Diamondback Online gets Keith’s thoughts about the tour so far and the WAS site.

Jam! Showbiz and Fazer Online Music Magazine have reviews of the show at the Kool House in Toronto from last Friday.

DCist, Filter Magazine, and Prefix Magazine all covered the show in Washington DC at DAR Constitution Hall on Monday.

Aural States has a review of their headlining show at SONAR and you can see all the pictures here.

In between this Kings of Leon tour, WAS have been doing a couple of college shows and there’s still a few of them left before the end of the tour this month:

November 13: Berklee College of Music’s site shows that there’s a special acoustic performance at 3 PM at Cafe 939 in Boston. It’s free and open to the public.

November 14: University at Albany has the guys at the Campus Center Corner Cafe at 2:30 PM.

November 16: Find them at Philadelphia’s Drexel University at 2 PM in The Cresee Student Center.

On that last KOL date, the 19th, they’re doing an in-store performance at Nashville’s Grimey’s at 5 PM.

And lastly, I need to mention that there’s a new We Are Scientists fan-made website: We Are Scientists Collection. Pete’s collection of We Are Scientists CDs and vinyls so far is astounding. I thought I had a decent collection but this is something else. His site’s shaping up to be a very thorough discography and I urge you all to visit and educate yourselves there.

UPDATED 11/12: The show at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown, WV on November 20 has been canceled.


32 thoughts on “Interviews; tour reviews from Toronto, DC and Baltimore; in-between shows; a new WAS fan site, show canceled in WV

  1. ooh, nice. so many new things to read. and to respond to. 😉

    But I’m so jealous at those university shows and those in-stores…. 😦 I bet most of the students don’t really appreciate it.

    But at least those reviews aren’t as bad as some others we had before. at least the one from Fazer acknowledged their performance even if he is not a fan.

    It made me chuckle reading in that one interview “…we would’ve chosen a far more moody, dramatic persona for the band. That seems to work a little better [for other bands]”
    haha. I know I said it so much by now, but this is why I love them so much, that they don’t do that. and I “hate” bands who do exactly that… presenting them moody and dramatic. it (almost) makes me hurl when they think they are sooo important…

    and what an impressive WAS-collection. *jealous* *impatiently waiting for my impatience vinyls from some damn uk-store*

  2. I like how different the DCist and Filter reviews are.

    ‘And as my friend said, “Their stage banter has not improved since 2006.”‘

    oh, man. that just sounds really bitter. but it made me laugh, hard.

    haha Tapper should totally start that “We Aren’t Scientists” band.

  3. The show at the University at Albany will start at 2:30, not three!

    And Kerstin, saying that is like saying America doesn’t appreciate them. SUNY Albany is a predominantly hip-hop/rap college, so not many will appreciate it, but I sure as hell do. I don’t think I’ve met a single person here with my taste in music, and my suite-mate once called me weird because she’s never met a girl that listened to all rock music before (we don’t get along that well). I bet you wouldn’t be saying no one appreciates them if you were able to go to one.

    That being said, I’m more than looking forward to the chance at meeting them, and classmates with similar music tastes.

  4. Sarah, I don’t think Kerstin meant for her comment to be interpreted that way. I know that she wouldn’t intentionally say that to offend American fans. It’s something I know I’d probably say if an event like that happened at a college here in LA.

  5. I didn’t say *no-one* would appreciate it, I said *most*. And I actually meant exactly what you wrote about, Sarah. and you said so yourself: “so not many will appreciate it”. I didn’t say anything else.
    I know, and I’m glad there will be fans like you. And you must promise to make up with extra cheers for all those “Ah, I don’t know them but I might check them out”-ppl who might hear their songs for the first time or so. 😀

    But even when I’m going to a WAS-gig, I do know/feel that some ppl don’t appreciate it. Esp. since most shows were not sold out. so, I don’t see why I can’t say that, and what me appreciating WAS has sth. to do with those who don’t (who sadly are the majority). For example: I’ve been to a great gig in Berlin, they really played a fantastic show, but still: the crowd generally sucked. what is wrong with saying that.

    And: it’s just that I saw that one video from the university in Portland, without much reaction from the crowd and I felt sorry for the guys. they deserve more enthusiasm. so I got the impression that not all of those attending students really appreciated WAS like “real” fans do.

    sorry, I’m rambling. I don’t think anyone gets what I mean. And, there is a lot of “appreciating”. sorry. 😳

    I’m sorry, if I offended anyone. I definitely didn’t want to offend you, Sarah. I apologize. this was not intended. I know there are lots of fans, but I always wish there would be a bit more. that’s all. I hope you’ll meet them. they are a lovely and wonderful bunch of people. And I’m still officially jealous. But please tell us about it, maybe take some photos to show to us, as we are suffering from WAS-withdrawal.
    please. 😀
    *rant over*

  6. sorry, it’s me again. I just saw the update. and this:
    “Lead singer Keith Murray was even working their own merch table”
    *jealous* can’t he do that over here?

    but finally a great review, that from aural state. and man, those are great photos. lovely pictures of Chris. 😀

    And I must say, those Liam and Me are quite good. I like what I heard so far.

  7. Keith worked the merch table back in July and he’s usually had that duty when they do their own headlining shows here. If he did that at shows in the UK and Europe, I could only imagine that it would take a really long time to get merch. 😆

  8. ach, damn. it’s over. I missed almost everything. but it was so nice to hear Chris talking again. now I miss them even more. :o/

    so, the “tv show” is going to be 7 episodes 3 minutes long. I had hoped for a bit more, but I do hope they’ll be able to shoot it and then air on MTV UK. *fingers crossed*

  9. awww, what a great photo of him. happy for you. when/where/how did you meet him? he is awfully nice indeed. 😀 and I like your tags. 😆 did you meet Chris too?

    I too hope s.o. recorded this. I just heard the last 10 minutes. 😦

  10. Met him after the Austin show. My friend and I called him over while he was packing up a van. We were like, “We gotta ask him to take a pic with us.” Our voices went up 3 octaves while talking to him. What dorks we were.

    Question: According to wiki, since when is Keith the face of Louis Vuitton?

  11. Aww, that’s cute, Miranda!

    Keith isn’t the face for Louis Vuitton’s new spring/summer line. Remember, Wikipedia pages can be edited by ANYONE so they’re not correct all the time. I could add something like “Keith’s famous hair fringe is not of his own hair. In fact, Keith uses the same stylist as Bret Michaels for his own custom hair extensions.” and it could stay on that Wikipedia page until someone deletes it or replaces it with something else.

    I’ve had a couple of hits on my site since last week with people looking for info about that! I wonder who started that rumor.

  12. Sorry Kerstin, I didn’t mean to sound angry or snippy, it’s just two minutes before I say this entry, I saw:

    and I saw how many people were actually going, and it was waaaay more than I ever expected. So when I saw your comment I got more desperate than angry.

    It’s not a lot of people, but still…. and yeah, I agree that they’re not appreciated too much, but that has to do with the whole “mainstream America” thing that does get me a bit heated. But that just makes the appreciation they get more special 🙂 And yeah, I went to their show last July in Brooklyn and between their sets people kept yelling for them to shut up and play, but it just made me cheer more and that’s what I plan to do tomorrow afternoon and night when I see them perform.

    I’ll cheer extra hard for you and everyone else that can’t see them. Trust me, when I cheer hard enough, it’ll be like they’re back in the UK. 🙂

  13. that’s today. damn it’s 4pm here. it’s the worst time for me. I most probably won’t be able to listen to for an hour. or… I can get my husband and son to watch “Walking with the Dinosaurs” for an hour. 😆 mmmhhhh… *making plans*
    but I won’t be able to record this. 😦

    Renee, regarding that interview: as I said, I didn’t hear much myself. 😦 but Chris has also been asked whether Adam is the permanent drummer and he said they are working very well together with Max and Adam, not just on tour but also when it came to preparing the songs for those acoustic peformances or new b-sides. they have always been very creative and all. and WAS are definitely not actively looking for another drummer, but they still don’t know exactly where this is going (I’m not too sure about how exactly he said it but sth. like this between the lines) but if they’ll decide to become a hip hop duo then those guys are probably not the right ones. 😆 but I loved that he said that. and he apologized for defunctioning max’ and adam’s old band (the name always escapes me, can’t help it) for taking everyone except for the bass player. after a long self reflection he decided not to replace himself. awww…bless. 😆

    and, he was asked if they wrote the “silly” things on their website. he seemed a bit pissed (in a nice way of course) that the interviewer used the word “silly”, but yeah we all know the answer to that question.
    and when asked for any special things coming up he mentioned those short episodes.
    what else? I think that was pretty much it. just 10 minutes.
    but I loved what he said about max and adam. it would be very weird now if they said, “well, we dumped them here is our new permanent drummer.” 😕

  14. Sarah:
    No problem. I just looked at that link and am surprised that it is quite a few ppl. I can understand why you may overreacted a bit. I would have been well surprised if I saw so many ppl in germany attending an event like this. but this is nice. I think the situation in Germany can be compared to the one in the US.

    Hope you have fun and cheer like crazy. us fans have to stick together and make *them* feel special. you’re right, they’ve got some pretty loyal fans which makes it pretty special. awww… like the one reviewer said, “it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality”. yeah, baby…
    Have a blast! and please, come back again and tell us about it. I love reading about WAS gigs and encounters. 😀

  15. I’m sorry, if I’m writing so many posts here, but I just don’t want to work. 😕

    Nathaniel: that “tv show” are planned as 7 episodes, each about 3 minutes long. sketch-based. and it will be produced for MTV UK. and if they shoot it in time it will be aired in february. that is what Chris said in that interview yesterday. it’s probably a bit like their webisodes.

    oh, I forgot- Chris was also asked about the BTM lectures last year.
    he said they told their management sometime in the summer about that idea, but didn’t do anything. and in october the management told them the shows were booked. and a day before the first lecture they thought about it and made that slideshow. 😆 god, I love his humor. I know this doesn’t come across when I (esp. I) write it down, but you’ll get the idea.

    so, i must not write any more today.

  16. Right, I tried looking all over for any way of listening to “The Birn” again. Couldn’t find anything. 😦 If anyone knows how this can be done…please let me know! I can then record it.

    I’ve just looked at the Baltimore radio show today and that’s at 3pm my time. Dammit! I finish work at 4pm… (unless I come down with something after lunch… 😉 )

    Seriously, I’m gutted about missing The Birn thing and am sorely tempted to throw a sickie this afternoon just to record the radio show. Sounds like it could be a fun hour…

    Is that really sad!!??? What do you think? Shall I? If so, I’ll have to start with the symptoms soon… 😀

  17. Ok, I’m breaking my promise not to write any more.

    Laura, i’d say, start with the symptoms NOW! 😉
    if you can and want to. and if it doesn’t have too many/serious consequences.

    I have to work too, and I’m spending way too much time on here. I don’t think anymore that this is sad. otherwise I would be weeping all day about me. 😉

  18. Eek, Laura, I don’t want you to possibly get in trouble by ditching work just so you can get to record this interview! It’s only a radio interview- no big deal. (Work ditching should be saved for concerts and other more important events.) And you all know how these interviews can get kinda repetitive, even though Chris and Keith do a good job with changing up their answers.

    I wish I could tell you guys I can record this thing, but I can’t either. 😦 It’s exactly around the time I leave for work and I have tarnished my attendance record at work too much this past month for WAS. Besides, there’s a few more radio things they’ll be doing- which I’ll be getting to in my next post.

  19. I hear you Renee! It’s just that there’s nothing much going on here at work and it is Friday… 😉

    I don’t condone ditching work normally, but I’ve got nothing to do!!! And I always use my holidays for concerts.

    And I am kinda unwell…this WAS withdrawal is killing me! I need an injection of WAS… 😆

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