More radio interviews to listen to soon, Boston show review, Towson article

ETA: DOWNLOADS ARE HERE!!!! Big round of applause to Laura for taking care of this!

Baltimore’s Indie’s blog has this info about them on the radio this morning:

Check us out Tomorrow, November 14 at 10am (EST). Chris and Keith from We Are Scientists get a full hour to play what ever they want. See what they pick and hear them talk about life on the road, the latest album and what they really think about Baltimore.

Manchester, Vermont’s WEQX 102.7 FM has the guys doing a live in-studio performance at 11 AM (EST) today.

DOWNLOADS: Baltimore’s Indie 97.9Manchester’s WEQX 102.7

The Boston Globe has their review of the show at the Orpheum and WAS is mentioned at the end.

Scientific investigation
Towson University’s newspaper interviewed Chris and Keith about the tour and album.


16 thoughts on “More radio interviews to listen to soon, Boston show review, Towson article

  1. that interview is nice. but I don’t know why I actually keep reading those gig reviews. bah.

    so, they have an radio interview at 10am AND 11am EST? one in baltimore the other in Manchester? one show cannot be live. that would mean 2 hrs on the internet radio today. no way I can do that. 😦

  2. I hate my fucking work place so hard right now for blocking these damn radio station websites. 😦 I was able to listen to at least 15 minutes of that Baltimore one and after rushing to get to work to try to listen again I get blocked.

  3. don’t ask, my plan didn’t work out. just when the baltimore one started my husband and son came back and I had to look after my son.
    totally missed absolutely everything. 😥

  4. I tried recording both interviews, but that didn’t work. I had to do it on my mom’s computer, which has dial-up, so it kept freezing every six seconds…but maybe the radio stations will put them up for download later.

    I didn’t get to listen to much of the Baltimore one, but I listened to most of the Manchester one. it wasn’t that great. they played Lethal Enforcer and After Hours, and Lethal Enforcer was arranged differently. I guess that means the single version will be different then the album version.

    (or maybe it was just my internet being a jerk and screwing the song up.)

  5. I thought the Manchester one was pretty good. Mostly because Max and Adam speak! Riffing on the advice column, general advice to the EQX DJ from Adam: “Go back and finish that science degree.” Max: “Stop being so chatter-y in the morning. It hurts my head.” HA!

    They passed a science pop quiz with flying colors. What is the atomic symbol for lead, what is the name of the subatomic particle with a positive charge and at what temperature does water boil? My inner nerd beamed with pride.

    When asked what they were doing in 1984 (the station is celebrating their birthday), Chris said his 7 year-old self was pretty obsessed with the Golden Girls. Particularly Blanche. Aaaaand I lost my composure at work. I should know better by now.

    I had to leave for aforementioned work about halfway through the Baltimore one, but the New Zealand shout out (Cut Off Your Hands and Ladyhawke) totally made my morning.

  6. alright, maybe teh Manchester one was pretty good…I’m probably just being bitter at my dial-up.

    I think Chris answered all of those science questions.

    I loved Golden Girls when I was a kid. I actually enjoyed it, probably more than Chris did. but Blanche was my least favorite Golden Girl. I liked Rose…at least, I think her name was Rose…and the one with the manly voice. I liked her.

  7. Aw, that’s pretty much all they said. But it was still nice to have all 4 of them on air.

    Yeah, Chris answered the science questions.

    Haha Adrian, I think you mean Dorothy. My 1984 self was also pretty obsessed with the Golden Girls. Oh, who am I kidding? My 2008 self still watches an obscene amount of those Lifetime re-runs.

    That reminds me…when the DJ asked if Blanche was the “hot” one, Chris corrected her and said that no, the hot one was actually Estelle Getty. Hee! The DJ asked them to sing the theme song and they pretended like they didn’t know it. Yeah, right!

  8. Oh Laura, you saved my day. AGAIN. Thank you sooooooo much. so you really called in sick? I didn’t think you’d make it. I’m deeply in indebted to you. really.

    aaaahhhh, I’m so looking forward to listening to all of it later. *waiting impatiently for the download to finish*

  9. Um, yeah. As soon as I mentioned I wasn’t feeling too good they sent me home! In case they caught what I “had”…

    What I actually “had” was a very productive afternoon at home! I was definitely busier than I would’ve been at work, that’s for sure 😀

    Be patient Kerstin! But I was so impatient waiting for it to upload! And the fact that the two radio shows actually overlapped each other. That was really stressing me out…

  10. Oh dear, poor you. weeks with nothing of WAS and now two overlapping radio shows…

    So, I’m listening to those interviews. lovely stuff. the baltimore one was quite good. Everytime they played a WAS song I got this warm fuzzy feeling. I can’t help it. just love them. their songs are so good.

    and now the 2nd. I can totally understand Max. after hearing that woman speak for a few moments I thought, this is unbearable. hearing men speak is generally much more pleasing to the ear. esp. those deep voices of WAS. lol. but she was kinda screechy and getting on my nerves … poor guys.
    still can’t get over Max. that was too funny. 😆

  11. Listening to we are scientists on the radio turns out to be a pretty fabulous thing to do when you have a hangover. My eyes don’t feel like they’re screaming anymore. 🙂

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