USF Visionz, clips from Albany acoustic show, a download for a show last March

USF’s Vizionz:

Albany acoustic show:

I found a website last night that had a download of a radio-recorded live show in Frankfurt on March 30th. Download it here.


24 thoughts on “USF Visionz, clips from Albany acoustic show, a download for a show last March

  1. I can’t watch anything from What’s the word at the moment, it won’t let me!!!!! (Sniff sniff!!!!) But i’ve just watched this clip from Visionz on youtube!!! How funny is this!!! I couldn’t figure out at first how they were all sat!! Was the interviewer sat on Keith’s knee and why was Chris sat up so high!!!!! It becomes clear further on in the interview but i’ve got to say this, lads don’t EVER stop what you do, you are sooooo funny and you bring such joy and laughter to your fans lives, love you both!!!!

  2. awww, Tracey, that is so well said. And I so agree.

    but that interview does make me a bit jealous. what a lucky girl.

    the last two days were full of new WAS stuff. I’m even more filled with WAS-love right now than before. those guys are the best remedy against everything that sucks. Needless to say that I love them too. *sigh*

  3. Lovely words Tracey.I hope Keith and Chris truely understand how much they mean to us.I feel so lucky to have met the guy’s as many times as i have.I have such fond memories,that i’ll never forget.Your music is inspirational,your live shows amazing and your witty banter hilarious,please dont ever change!!!!!!……I cant wait for more WAS adventures with my WAS buddies.What a fantastic year i’ve had!!!!!!!!!

  4. me too!! I am reeeaaally excited about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up staying up all night, checking the site every five minutes to see if it’s updated yet.

    I totally call starting the Keith Appreciation Thread. 🙂 didn’t you already call the Chris one, Kerstin?

  5. 😆 your boss will get suspicious, Laura. but consider the time difference. 😉

    yes, indeed Adrian. I did call the Chris appreciation thread. thanks for mentioning it again. 😛 if you don’t mind, Renee. 😉

    To be honest I AM already checking regularly if it might be updated. 😳 I really, really hope it will be up tomorrow. Oh dear, I should really calm down…

  6. yes, you and Chris have ridiculously adorable kids! they should kick Keith out and replace him with Ruben and Dash. Ruben’s already got Nobody Move and New Me down, and I bet Dash is a pretty alright singer.

    IT’S THE 17TH!!! I keep checking the site, waiting for it to change, even though I know that if it really does get up today, it probably won’t be until much later in the day…

    I wonder if they’ll send out an e-mail? or something…though I don’t think they did anything when they changed the site from pink to blue and got rid of the kitten. I miss the kitten. 😦

  7. haha, thanks, Adrian. but that’s quite a picture. 😆
    Well, Dash also seems to like the drums very much. maybe HE would be the new permanent drummer. 😆 (sorry, Adam) but we need Keith do play guitar and write the songs, so we better keep him. because Ruben wants to but of course cannot play the guitar yet. or maybe Dash can even do that already. 😀

    I keep checking, too. Can’t wait. I really hope they make for today.

  8. Not just me checking then…

    Oh no Kerstin, I don’t need a day off for that. I can sneakily surf the nets from right here at my desk! 🙂

    I like the sound of your line-up Kerstin. I can’t believe you suggested kicking out the Silver Fox, Adrian!!! 😛

  9. Those scientists have just been teasing us with a new website. Those lying bastards.

    Here’s a shallow comment:

    Halfway through the video when they show the brain thrust mastery ad… HOW NICE IS KEITH’S HAIR?!

    By the way did anyone who enter the Q competition ever hear anything back from it? I have a feeling I haven’t won, haha.

  10. I have a feeling that we will be waiting in vain today. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer. 😦

    I like Keith’s hair a bit shorter, but not as short as it is now. sth. in the middle. like in the summer. he looked nice at the Highfield show. long fringe, not too short and not too long on the side. mmmhhhh…. I would post a pic now. but that would go too far.

    it’S time the forum comes back so there is a proper place to discuss those “shallow” things. 😆

  11. I want the new site to be up!! damn them.

    there should be a forum just for Keith’s hair… Keith has such pretty hair.

    okay, Keith can stay in WAS, but only to play the guitar (and write the lyrics). Ruben can be the frontman/singer, and Dash can play the drums. and if Adam starts to feel left out, we can toss him a tambourine or cowbell or something.

  12. No, haven’t heard anything back from the Q comp yet, Ellie. I thought they might at least get in touch to ask why the hell I entered 6 squillion times… 😉

    Still waiting for the website too!! They’re such a tease. It’d better not appear tonight, I’m going out! Bet it does.

    Yessss Adrian. Great line-up. There’s always a need for cowbell. More cowbell! 😆

  13. I think I remember reading that they send an email to everyone who entered saying how they can listen to the show on the radio or something. So when we get that we’ll know we didn’t win for sure. I really hope I win. I just really want to see we are scientists again. And I know they’ll only be doing brain thrust mastery stuff but if they threw in textbook as well… well that would make my life.

    I only entered once. I dont think im gonna win. No. 😦

  14. just wanted to say, that I’m just listening to the recording from Frankfurt. and it’s really good. they sound fantastic. Now I envy my friend even more for having been to that gig.

  15. i’m sooo delayed, but, how amazing did they sound?! it got well recorded too :).

    i love them acoustic. brings back good memories 😀

    it’s a hit!!!! :D:D:D

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