Newly designed website reveal is not on the 17th

Apologies, folks- no new website reveal today.

Hope it’s online sometime this weekend.


34 thoughts on “Newly designed website reveal is not on the 17th

  1. see, I knew it. 😦
    it better be up real soon. or I will……. do nothing, I guess. 🙄
    I even wrote it into my calendar. “17th, new WAS-website and new forum” kinda sad, I know. 😳 😦 😦

  2. why sorry?
    but you’re right, we just have to stop being so impatient.

    and I know it will be worth the wait. plus it gives me more time to sort out my webcam. I hope that bloody thing will work when I’ll try to connect it. 🙄

  3. IMO a website launch is better done when it’s unexpected. nothing smells like early Christmas as much as visiting a fave site and going “oh sh!t it’s different now” but i like my thrills like that… :mrgreen:

  4. Thanks for the links Kerstin,those vids are amazing quality,i loved it when Chris told everyone to sit down as they were making hin nervous………Too Funny!!!!!!!

  5. Kerstin, the vids are brilliant, thanks for posting! Fantastic sound, warmy colors and looks like like a really nice atmosphere. I must see an acoustic WAS gig at some point, it always sounds dead mellow and warm. Nice one.

  6. Yeah I really want to see an acoustic gig too. *crosses fingers I win that competition*

    I still need to see a “proper” we are scientists gig actually. So far I’ve only seen them at a festival and a secret gig.

    regarding the website… I really just want the forum back. 😦

  7. I want to go to an acoustic gig, too. But I guess the chances for it are slim here in Germany. 😦

    😆 but chris was so funny in that video. I’m still laughing about it. I love how Keith looks like he’s just gotten out of bed. 😛

    I love those videos too. finally some in good quality. esp. compared to the others from that “gig”.

  8. Does anyone know if they’re going to keep their “Rip-Offs” section on the new website? My friend and I recorded an acoustic cover of “Lethal Enforcer” yesterday. Overall he is pleased with it. I am not pleased with my vocals…=/

  9. oooh, I would love to see that. I bet they’ll keep that. Of course, I don’t know, but I can’t imagine they’ll remove that. why don’t you put it on youtube or the like? *curious*

  10. Does anyone know how much longer the web site is gonna take?????????………….Maybe Chris could post a message here letting us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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