Radio for today and tomorrow

Listen to New York’s KROCK between 7 PM and 8 PM (EST) tonight to hear an in studio performance and interview. 

Tomorrow, they’ll be on New York’s WRXP at 9 AM (EST) for an in studio performance and interview.

UPDATE 11/21: I didn’t get the KROCK one, but WRXP was archived here and now you can download it here.


15 thoughts on “Radio for today and tomorrow

  1. damn, and I wanted to go to bed early tonight. 😕 And I’m not home tomorrow. I’m hoping you really can rip them. that would be so cool.

    But please Renee, don’t apologize. without you I’m sure most of us wouldn’t know about this at all. actually about most things. we would be pretty lost without your brilliant service. 😀 thanks again.

  2. Anybody – please tell me if this is on right now or not. I’ve been cockblocked here at work yet again with internet restricted sites and I’m wondering if this is a live thing they’re doing or not…

  3. yeah me either
    neither one of those studio things worked
    i tried yesterday’s and today’s
    all i heard was when they were playing a WAS song, that they were playing a street down from the radio station
    bummer 😦

  4. i heard the best news the other day…apparently not next week but the week after a Keith Murray will be on Nevermind the Buzzcocks…and i’m pretty sure it’s WAS Keith Murray not the other dude 🙂

  5. Keith murray is gonna be on nevermind the buzzcocks?!


    I’ve thought a scientist needed to be on nmtb for ages now!

    Anyone know if it’s been recorded yet?

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