Rock it Out! Blog videos, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks reminder

Rock it Out! blog interviews WAS:

WAS takes over the Rock it Out! blog:

And as mentioned in the last post’s comments, Keith will be on the December 4 episode of BBC Two’s Nevermind the Buzzcocks.


19 thoughts on “Rock it Out! Blog videos, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks reminder

  1. Oooh, I’m so gonna watch that now. 😀 looks nice.

    and I’m so happy today. when I came back from my weekend trip I had my Impatience vinyls in my mailbox. YAY! 😛 it took 3(!) weeks in the mail. from England!!! 👿

  2. I stilllll don’t have my Impatience vinyls. I pre-ordered them before they came out. I emailed them and they sent out a second set but that’s never come either so I’ve emailed again but no reply. 😦

    Keith on NMTB will be awesomeness.

  3. this is totally off-topic, but oh well.

    Renee, my sister and I were just talking about random things the other day, and we started talking about franz and dot org and how much that sucked when it went down, and it made me think about how incredibly sad my life would be without What’s the Word. I come on here like one hundred times a day. so THANK YOU, a thousand times. I hope this site never goes down.

  4. yes, me too. I can’t count how many times I reload yiur site during the day. I am really so thankful you keep this site about our beloved scientists so up to date. Thank you! 😀

  5. Dont forget people in the UK,Keith’s on tonights Never Mind The Buzzcocks,BBC2 9pm.For everyone else im sure the lovely Laura will use her talents and rip it for you!!!!!!

  6. hey!!! so….there wasn’t nearly enough of keith…..Simon is usually good at drawing randomness from the guests but tonight he had presenters/judges from our reality shows x-factor and strictly come dancing so questions kinda took a back seat as he mocked them.

    Keith looked like he was having a good time….despite not knowing what half the conversations were about and did make some good jokes…but basically i’m biased, and just wanted there to be more bout the band and everything and less bout celebrity strictly come dancing…hopefully we’ll get it in next months Q magazine!! xxx

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