Pictures from the NYC show, more ways to win tickets to the show in London

We Are Scientists @ Fillmore Iriving Plaza
Prefix Magazine’s photos from the show are here.

Dispatches from New York: We Are Scientists Come Home
NME’s photos from the show

Win Exclusive We Are Scientists Tickets!
Answer the very easy question at to win passes to the special show in London’s Hard Rock Cafe next week.

AND This is Fake DIY is also giving away tickets to this show.


47 thoughts on “Pictures from the NYC show, more ways to win tickets to the show in London

  1. I just thought I’d won the Q comp. I logged into hotmail and I had a message saying “congratulations!”

    Turns out I had “won a million dollars.” Pfft.

    Cheers for the heads up on fhm one!

  2. Great,thanks Renee i’ve entered,keep everything crossed for me.I’d love to see the guy’s perform accoustic again,Action Records,Preston last June was truly amazing.I miss the guy’s so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh and congratulations to Laura she won tickets this morning……Well done hunny,dont forget your camera,and we want details!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  4. Oooh, very happy for you Laura. But you have a huge responsibility now. ;o)
    I wish I could go…. Have fun.

    And good luck to you, Joanne. keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for you. 😉

  5. Thanks Kerstin,i have my fingers,toes,legs,arms and eyes crossed too.Id love to go to this gig.I was gutted not to win tickets thru Q Mag,especially as it was my b/day yesterday,what an amazing pressie that would have been haha.But i’ve entered the FHM comp and that closes on Fri which is Tracey’s b/day so maybe she’ll be lucky and win for us…………………….a girl can dream cant she lol.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t go through the link on What’s the word, it won’t let me, help help help, if i can’t enter i can’t win Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right calm down Tracey, think……………….. I know i’ll try FHM site………

  7. Right i’ve done it, i can try and calm down now!!!!!!

    I was panicking so much i didn’t say congratulations to you Laura, well done hun xx

    It is indeed my Birthday on Friday when the comp closes, so i’m hoping and praying the Birthday fairy works her magic and lets me and Joanne go to the ball (well gig!!!!!)

    I’m keeping EVERYTHING crossed as well Jo so please, please let us win!! xxxxxxxx

  8. o.k guys……after much wrangling i managed to get day off work for next mon (they think i’ve been suffering from a trapped nerve in one of my gums…if thats even possible) and guess what my lovely dentist can only fit me in on monday -so my manager has given me day off to seek medical attention…..

    the thing is i don’t have tickets for mon at hard rock cafe…so if anyone has spare or can’t go my email is… facebook heather westhead……

    and if anyone can help it’d be appreciated soo much…I wasn’t gonna go at all but then it occurred to me that this is the last time they’re gonna be around for ages……

    big love and good energy to all heather xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Sorry… but no doubt, the effort is appreciated, Zoe. 😀

    You’ve got a cool little WAS community going on here Renee. Maybe you should put a discussion board up. 😉

  10. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no way. But thank you for suggesting it- I do appreciate the influx of comments that have been posted to my site ever since the WAS board crashed. It’s been entertaining to read everyone’s thoughts on some of the things I’ve been posting every week.

    Moderating a discussion board is too much work on top of what I do here. I think I’m sorta on top of things with what I do for this site, but if I had to moderate a board too…ack!

    Plus, once the brand spanking new WAS board is online, all of you guys are gonna ditch this place for comments and will post to your hearts’ content over there. 😛 It’s ok.

  11. Thanks, Adrian!

    I remember last year that site said something about officially disqualifying Michael because he wasn’t in WAS anymore (I thought that was BS though, considering he was technically in WAS for most of that year).

    I’ve seen pictures of him playing drums for Bishop Allen, but I’m not sure if he’s been filling on drums only for touring purposes or if he is part of the band. If there’s any knowledgable Bishop Allen fans looking at this, please feel free to correct me here. Either way, I don’t think This is Fake DIY is going to consider a nomination for him, no matter how worthy he is to have that title.

  12. Sorry Renee, nearly missed that thread about not going on your site anymore!!! As if!!!! I love love reading everything on here and will always try and write something, it’s just that i’ve not been able to watch any links lately so thats i’ve not commented much!!!!!

  13. Alright. Ill try again, lets try this….

    I have news of Tapper. I did some digging and yes, he is playing drums for Bishop Allen. But he doesn’t seem to be a permanent band member. I do enjoy Bishop Allen from time to time, but I am sad to report that I have never been to a concert, nor paid attention to photos and videos. Mostly just their music on occasion. But I took some time to read through blogs and they mention him here and there but the thing about Bishop Allen is that there is never really any permanent member besides the two that formed the band. Now they may have added him permanently, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t. But don’t quote me on that because I don’t keep up with them much, but like Bright Eyes (until about a year ago or so), it’s usually always a different backing band and such. So, I hope this helps. Sorry it’s such a long comment.

  14. OH! I almost forgot! For all you missing Tapper out there, I did manage to find this:

    You cant tell its him (until the end at about 2:30 or so) because the view is almost always obstructed or the camera is too far away. So if it werent for his exquisite beard, I wouldnt have been able to tell right away that it was him. But on the bright side, you do get to hear him sing a little, back up, that is 🙂

  15. AH! One last thing. Sorry! Last time I promise!

    I just wanted to say I remember Bishop Allen was in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Play list. They were one of the concerts the titular characters attended (if you saw the movie, either for We Are Scientists music, or, like me Andy Samberg, who I love, AND We Are Scientists. Two great things in one.)

    So I found the clip and Michael wasn’t the drummer in the movie. So he must have been added sometime recently. And by recently I actually mean I have no idea when he was added but it had to have been sometime after the filming of the movie. Hope this helps! Again, Sorry its so long!!!!!!!! Apologies all around!

  16. Ok, so I tried posting the link several times on here…but it didnt work. So just go to Youtube and type in

    “primavera sound, barcelona 2008 bishop allen” its the very first one that comes up. click on it and enjoy!

  17. It would have been really nice to win the q the music comp. But oh well. The thisisfakediy site keeps giving me error messages when I try to enter on there. 😦

  18. Ellie dont worry about the fakediy comp,your entry will have been counted.I e-mailed the editor this morning as the same thing kept happening to me and Tracey.Anyway i got a reply saying my entry had been counted but their having difficulty with the link that tells you thanks for entering!!!!!!!

  19. I wish you all good luck for tickets. that at least one of “us” (ok, besides that lucky girl Laura) gets to see them. I so wish I could go to London.

    I’m listening to Textbook right now and argh…I miss them so much already. Still don’t know how to make it til they’ll come back. 😦

    And I miss the forum. It’s been so long now. Ok, I said, I’m rather fine with it since the main site is still up, but damn, I want it back. exactly for posting banal stuff like this. Don’t actually want to spam Renee’s lovely little space here with this rubbish. 😕 But I just can’t help it sometimes. sorry.

  20. haha, thank you, Joanne. this was really good. loved it. brightened up my day a bit more. stuff like this would help to “survive” the WAS-less time. 😀

    loved what he said about Chris. somehow I can imagine there is a bit of truth in it. 😆

  21. That’s a great interview, haha! Looking forward to getting home so I can listen to the audio 🙂

    Thanks Joanne! xx

    **crossing my fingers and toes for everyone else to win tickets for Monday** 😀

  22. oh no! I can’t believe you brits tore the buttons off of Keith’s favorite shirt! well, serves him right for ignoring the US so much. 😛

    though, I have to admit, they’ve been pretty alright to us since summer. two tours is pretty good.

    if the only thing stopping him from wearing his favorite shirt is a few buttons missing, he should just sew some buttons on there. and if he can’t figure out how to use a needle and thread, he should send the shirt to his mother! that’s what moms are there for, to fix shirts when the overzealous fans get to them.

  23. I want to sodding cry. Not because anything particularly upsetting has happened to me (well it HAS, but hell, I dont cry about stuff like that) but because I wear a plaid shirt undone with a t shirt underneath. AND LOOK AT KEITH IN THOSE PHOTOS. My friends may never see them. I decree it. Oh damnit, what if he wore that on buzzcocks? They all watch buzzcocks. I’m screwed. I spent a lot of cash on that plaid shirt too.


  24. yes, Kerstin, I would be more than happy to fix Keith’s shirt! I have loads of buttons just lying around. they might not match at all, but that’s okay, he’s enough of a silver fox to pull anything off…

    oh, those photos are quite nice. WAS are some pretty people.

    jeeeez, WAS have such potty-mouths.

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