Hard Rock Cafe London roundup

We Are Scientists – turning the tables by invading the crowd!
Q’s site has pictures and a review of the show.  

Scientists halt gig to swig tequila
😆 Same sorta review as the previous site, but there’s some useful info in there: “Highlights of the shows are aired on Q Radio available on DAB in London, Virgin Media 878, Sky Digital Channel 0181 or streamed online at http://www.Qthemusic.com” Once this show is online, it’ll be here to download soon. 😀 

Setlist from last night’s Hard Rock Cafe show:


More of Laura’s photos from the show (full set can be viewed on Flickr):


Pictures from Helen (the full set is also at Flickr):


Videos from the show from Laura (there’s more from the show on her Youtube account):

This Scene is Dead

Spoken For with a string section backing them up(!!!!!!)

Cash Cow

Lethal Enforcer

There’ll be more added here later…


67 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe London roundup

  1. 😦 I wish I could have gone. It looked brill. And they played textbook. And I wasnt there. Oh, the infinite sadness this makes me feel.

  2. it will be a lovely evening tonight — watching all those videos and looking at those pictures. shame I don’t have the time right now. but YAY for so many new photos. Those are all brilliant.

    looking forward to that show. I hope us non uk-citizens will be able to watch that. It really looked like an awesome night. happy for all the girls who could go. 😀

  3. Gosh, this material looks awesome. just awesome. Many thanks to Helen and Laura. Even spoken for, which I always thought of as nice but a bit boring on the album, sounds great here. Why, why, why…do I never get to go to a show like this? I am happy for those that went of course but I am also rotten jealous.

    Kerstin, can we relocate to London pls??!!!

    @ Helen, just checked your flickr gig pictures. in total awe.

  4. Without wanting to sound like I’m trying to stalk them, does anyone know what they’re gonna be doing now? well earned rest I’m guessing. They seem to have been on the road for a long old time.

    I am hoping for another tour before 2009 is out though because I want to see them before I go to uni in wales. 😉

  5. haha, “rotten jealous”. 😆
    Sam, I wouldn’t mind relocating to London. England in general would be nice. maybe up north? 😉
    anyways, brilliant stuff all those photos/videos. 😀

  6. Ellie, you don’t sound stalker-ish at all. It’s a good question.

    I think after this current trip to the UK they’ll be spending the rest of 2008 on their very well-deserved break. They’ve almost done non-stop touring since February.

  7. Thank You =D
    i love my camra SOOOOOOOOO much lol
    def worth the money i paid for it =D
    i had such a amzin time last night =D it was just gettin better & better =D
    the free food & bar is always good aswell =D
    just wish i hadnt driven so i could have drunk more lol

    i love in that Music News thing we’r the woman said

    “Halfway through the set Keith just leapt off the stage, waded through the audience to the bar and ordered a shot of tequila, before going back and getting on with the gig.”

    LMAO he was doing Text Book was wondering around then went by the bar to stand on sumet & as he was singing the Bar Tender handed him the shot lol
    he didnt just go u know wot i want Tequila wait there i’ll b right back lol =/ lol

    i wish 2day was yesterday again =(


  8. So the secret to free booze is serenading the bar staff? I must remember that!

    Yeah I thought it’d probably be pretty quiet on the scientist front for a while. I hope they do tour again sometime next year though. Summer would be freaking sweet because all my friends will be back from uni!

    has anyone else given up on ever seeing the new website?

  9. Ahhhhh Kerstin please please come and live up north with us lot, you know you’d have an instant set of friends over here. Plus we’ve even got kids for Rueben to play with, ye har!!!!!!! Last night was the most fun ever i loved it, evry last bit of it, even the 5+ hours drive home (blast roadworks, parental safety advice and snowy conditions), it was all worth it to see the boys xx

  10. Don’t worry, Kerstin. Remember, I’ve got plans to win the lottery (or rob a bank, start a pyramid scheme, etc. 😈 ), and then I’ll have enough money for you, me, and others to all go see WAS in the UK. 😀

  11. Hard Rock Cafe gig was amazing.It was lovelly seeing the guy’s again.I cant believe Tracey won 2 tix and my b/friend won 2 tix.These thing dont usually happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m happy for those of you who got to go. I’m soooo gutted i didn’t D:
    enjoying the pics and videos though, so, thank you!

    also I notice dappy from n-dubz is on buzzcocks with keith. that must have been quite an… experience. 8l

  13. God bless Mark!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all i can say!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was awesome (don’t want to make anyone jealous or anythin!) but got a cup of tea and bout to look thou all the photos and re-live the night, especailly spoken for (was so glad to see that).
    Girlies (you know who you are!) thank you so much for making not only the day but my yr a fun filled WAS adventure…and Kerstin…even if you decide against relocating a holiday up north with us would be good (Renee you should totally come to!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. LMAO
    The Bum Pic was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny
    i was lookin @ sumet else turnd saw it & clicked =D
    then turned to Laura to find out that she had done the same lol
    we both started laffin then looked & found out the every one round us had done the same aswell lol which made us laff more =D lol
    In my mind i think he done it cus he know’s how much we miss Shawn & his ass =D lol
    im gona go watch all my videos again & dance =D

    & next UK tour Kerstin & Renne you deff need to come ova =D
    Dont worry bout gettin round & stuff u can stay in wiv us & we all av cars so there will b enuff room for every1 to fit =D

    & Renne after to top it off ill take u on a hunt for Chris (Editor’s) =D he’ll be in one of 5 place’s so shouldnt b hard to find =D lol


  15. Helen! Thank you for mentioning that- I might have to take you up on those offers! You’ll be hearing from me later once I plan more things through.

    And holy crap, you tempt me with Chris Urbanowicz-hunting??? 😯 Oh, man this is bad….soooo bad. 😆

  16. Miranda,Keith changed some of the lyrics during After Hours to lyrics by the The Whigs,sorry i dont know the song,think Helen or Renee can help with that info.

  17. it was a whigs song called put ‘your right hand on my heart’ I think it played a bit from the chorus but my whig lyrics aren’t up to scratch (unless it’s like a vibration) but it was defo that song xx

  18. OMG @ Helen, I cant stop laughing. Missing Shawn s bum crack must ve been a joke, right?! I was sort of glad not to have it (and his muffin tops) in my face anymore but then he started working for TV On The Radio and I had to face it again at the last two gigs I went to! Its not that I mind him, just that his bum was seriously all over the place at all times! Its too much! 😉

  19. haha, Sam. you saw Shawn and his famous bum again? this is so funny. poor you. 😆 sorry for being so amused.
    sorry Helen.
    I just don’t like having his bum in front of my eyes all the time either. 😆

  20. IMO Keith on Buzzcocks was extremely disappointing. Because it was all about X Factor vs Strictly Come Dancing. Keith just sat there and looked pretty for the most part and presumably wasn’t getting anything that was going on.

  21. Nevermind the buzzcocks is usually pretty entertaining, but tonight the show was an unerring disapointment. On the keith murray front anyway.

    I knew from the go-get that it wasnt gonna be good because he was sitting in the ignore chair. They had the vocalist from asteroids galaxy tour in the ignore chair last week. And guess what? They ignored her. I guess the ignore chair could equally be called the “good looking indie-ish musician, that we shall primarily show close ups of (because of the aforementioned good looking quality of said person) but not actually talk to, because we can’t be bothered to actually find anything out about their band” chair.

    As a music based panel show, you’d think they’d actually talk to the musician. I guess Im just bitter. I do normally love buzzcocks but it just annoyed me this week because I feel like they totally passed over a guest that could have been great. 😦

  22. Oh man, and they didn’t even do the “so keith, *insert inconsequential piece of trivia about keith murray here*” bit. And I swear they do that with every flipping guest!

    On the upside, I liked keith’s hair. And robert webb was pretty funny.

  23. yeah i just wanted something random!!! and kinda hoped he’d be on dermots team….the guest presenters team has been getting more coverage of late anyway..but with x factor and everything they didn’t even try to engage him grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  24. they put keith on a “ignore chair”??? 😯 how stupid are the producers? putting one of the funniest persons on earth in a place where everyone ignores him? sorry, I don’t know the show but that seems to be the dumbest thing EVER! pfffttt…can’t get over it. *shakes head* I don’t think I want to see this. it makes me ache just thinking of it…. our beloved Keith being ignored. 😦

  25. http://www.nme.com/index.php?class=rate&ratename=sexiestmale2009&action=rate&rating=10&id=95

    This link gives a TEN vote to keith murray. I know it doesnt look like it does because there’s someone elses photo there, but the important thing is the “you just rated” box off to the side.

    I’m, pathetically, an expert on this having voted nicky wire to 2 last year. If you keep refreshing the link then the average goes up.

    Although I’m gonna tell you who’s going to inexplicably end up beating all the legitimately good looking people. Matt Bellamy.

    I will genuinely put a fiver on it.

  26. lol yeah, it’s not actually CALLED the ignore chair. But I swear most guests in that chair are kinda… y’know… ignored. Or they walk off in a huff.

  27. oooh, that’s good. thanks Ellie. I’m gonna do that. how did you find out about THIS?

    nothing against muse, but matt? his best times are over. *hides under table*
    I know Keith won’t make it…shame, really. he is waaaay fitter than the ones before him, even more attractive and handsome than Johnny Depp. his best times are over as well IMHO *hides under table again*

  28. Ok, but shouldn’t producers of a TV show be interested in entertaining the audience? who is better suited then Keith Murray (and Chris Cain, of course)? Answer: No-one! HA! they just should’ve involve him in the show somehow. I don’t know….I don’t wanna know what he must have felt like…poor Keith…awww…

  29. Kerstein…I love you!!!…First off because I’ve just been given out one ratings to everyone on the male sexiest list and keith tens (he’s now at number five) on your advice and secondly just because your awesome!!!!

    The producers were really stupid!!! they should’ve had conversations about things that keith could have contributed too instead of some random reality thing he isn’t even the country to watch!!!

    (Ellie for the sake of repeatitive strain injury i’m going with rigged votes thing good work rigging it up xx)

  30. Whenever theres a poll and muse are in it, if muse fans find out about it, muse will in. I know. I am a muse fan. 😦

    So yeah, no one tell the muse fans.

    And no one tell mighty boosh fans either.

  31. 😳
    why thank you, Heather! so much love. 😀 although I still don’t really get it. I didn’t do anything. 😆
    hugs xoxoxo

    it was about some show he is not even able to watch? boah….I’m getting really angry here. I know I shouldn’t but…so much stupidity, it hurts! 👿

  32. haha, Ellie. That IS brilliant! I’m not sure if Renee likes it too much about Brandon Flowers. 😉

    I’m sorry, I hope I didn’T offend you with what I said about Matt. He just looked the best in their Showbiz/OOS era. sorry. again. 😳

  33. why did they use such a creepy picture of Matthew Bellamy?! do they want people to give him a 1?

    the one of Johnny Depp is pretty creepy, too.

    a lot of these pictures are just weird. I mean, they’re fine pictures, but not they’re not ‘sexiest male’ pictures.

    ellie, thanks for finding that cheat. I remember last year everyone were freaking out about this in the Keith Appreciation thread.

    gah I’m afraid to watch Buzzcocks, also. how dare they ignore Keith. Keith is so awesome. I love Keith.

    aaand I really like the photos you’ve gotten, Laura and Helen. except for this one of Chris:
    We Are Scientists 011208 001
    because Chris looks like a certain person I hate with such passion, more than I love WAS, even. which is A LOT.

  34. I like the killers very much as artists. Seriously, I’m actually a massive fan (will give left arm for killers tickets.) But this is a VEEEERY serious poll based on looks. Perhaps the most important poll in the nme awards. I guess best live is pretty good. Best album… yeah OK I guess that would be ok too. But come on, sexiest male? We can’t let that moustache toting shyster win!

    (everything I say on here is to be taken in a light hearted manner.)

  35. What? you don’t like that photo of Chris, Adrian? It’s beautiful. Who is that person that spoils such a lovely photo for you?

    I totally agree about the pictures. how can those be “sexiest” ppl?

    who/why did everyone freak out about that link? I sorry, so many questions.

  36. Oh my god that is such a horrible picture of Matt Bellamy they’re using! I still love that man, though, and from those guys listed from sexiest males, he’s in my top 3. 🙂

    I think B Flo ( 😆 I have to laugh everytime I see that nickname) is very good looking, but he can be such an idiot sometimes too (but I love Day & Age- so much better than Sam’s Town). Thank goodness he’s shaved that mustache.

    That link didn’t work for me! It brought me to some guy from The View who’s not attractive at all.

    Adrian! That picture you linked to of Chris is perfect- absolutely nothing wrong with it. The man cleans up very well.

  37. Kerstin, I just meant that last year everyone was voting repeatedly for Keith, and someone found the cheat, like Ellie had just done. but then, everyone sort of stopped talking about it, and I forgot about it until a couple of days before it ended. Keith lost. 😦

    bu this year, he will win!!! and he will when sexiest vegetarian! when does sexiest vegetarian happen?

    Chris looks like my little brother’s dad in that photo. he looks a lot like him in the smaller version, but he doesn’t look too much like him in the bigger version.

    haha I noticed Brandon’s rating has gown down quite a bit.

    is this just for the nominees?

  38. Renee: that link should work, no matter who it shows you. don’t you have keith on the right and the box saying “you just rated”? then you voted for keith. it really works. we got him to rank 2 within the last hour, I think. 😀

  39. oh. we cannot let it forget this time! when we’ll have the forum back, we’ll make a “sticky” thread for it! and yes, I think this is just the nominees. lots of work ahead of us til january 28th. phew….

    sorry to hear that about your brother’s dad. doesn’t sound too good. 😕 didn’T want to bring up such private stuff. I just thought it would be some “famous” person we all might know. sorry.

  40. To clarify:

    When you follow the links, dont look at the main photo as the main photo is generated randomly. When you click the link to vote keith murray a TEN it’s as though you’ve just clicked the number ten above the photo of keith murray and gone through to the next screen. Look over to the right – it should say “you just rated keith murray, your rating: 10”

    Same with the one for b flo, but 1 instead of 10.

    And I dont find matt bellamy attractive :/. He’s an amazing musician and muse are my favourite band. But no. That said, he has a certain sweaty charm in the video to supermassive black hole.

    As far as I can remember, yes this is just for the nominees. The shortlist used to get a set of posters in nme, but they didnt do that last year. Which I was really annoyed about because I spent hours voting for nicky wire solely for a poster of him. Wasted time.

  41. Ahh, ok, now I see what you’re talking about with this vote.

    It’s nice to see everyone’s excitement in voting for this category- but people- you should be talking about voting in the main categories for the NME Awards- like for Brain Thrust Mastery in the best album category, and WAS in Best International Band…etc. These are the categories that they should be getting awards in!

    Keith won’t win that PETA Sexiest Vegetarian award- last year it was that guy from AFI, right? And in my opinion- sorry if this offends any PETA supporters- but I’d rather not support voting for Keith to get anything from PETA. I respect vegetarians and agree with some views from animal rights activists, but I don’t agree with a lot of the extreme measures that PETA do.

  42. don’t worry about it Kerstin, I don’t mind.

    I really really hope we get that forum back soon!

    I just voted for Ryan Jarman. remember when last year they had a photo of Pete Wentz for Ryan Jarman? nme is so rude.

    aaah and Alex Kapranos! there are so many people I want to vote for, but I want Keith to win the most.

  43. yeha, I doubt Keith will win that peta thing. I’m just excited about him being pretty.

    ooh you’re right! I need to vote for WAS in some other categories.

  44. I was disappointed with Never Mind The Buzzcocks too 😦
    For half of it Keith was just sat there looking really confused which made me feel sad and annoyed. That episode had the potential to be so funny…
    He looked very pretty though and his hair looked great so that’s one good thing I suppose 🙂

    I’ll keep on voting for Keith on NME too… he’s still in second place!

  45. Sam wot u Dont LOVE Shawn’s ass???
    OMG lol
    I fell inlove wiv it just ova 3 years ago now & have loved him eva since =D
    we have had this Love Hate eva since =D
    I Love him, He Hates me lol
    Sayin that tho the last was gig he did cus i looked like i was gona die at the end he did bring me ova a bottle of water bless him & i didnt even ask lol
    i think he did care really lol
    He’s gona be in Brum on sunday as TVOTR are playing the academy & my mate is the promoter there lol =D might av to pop down & say hi to my mate so i can see Shawn =D lol
    i asked Chris if he knew y Sawn hated me as i have nout but love for him & Chris it take him time to warlm to anyone, & that i was to give him time & it would all be ok
    I was like how much time dose he need it’s been just ova 3 years now & still he hates me lol
    Chris just burst out laffin & said he thinks he needs just 3 weeks more & that he would try move it along for me lol
    One day he will love me to =D lol

    Renne – Chris Urbanowicz-hunting is my fav past time when i know his home =D lol
    Its the only time i go out drinking with every1
    (im not a real stalker of him or anythink lol we have the same friends =D )
    a 2nd past time of mine is running away from Rus lol he stalks me & Amz everywhere we go in Brum lol no matter where we go or wot gig we go to or even if we stand in a diff place whn @ a gig after about 10 min’s i’ll turn round & he’s behind us smileing & saying Hi lol
    It is hard tho trying to find Chris but staying away from Russ @ the same time lol


  46. oooh, I didn’t know there are other categories. are WAS nominated? I will vote for BTM of course and all. that is way more important, of course. all the other get a 1. hehe. 👿

  47. oh, maybe we should all agree upon that one WAS single and video we submit. I fear the chances are slimmer when some are entering After Hours, others Impatience or sth. like that. 🙄

  48. thats a wicked idea……single should probably be ‘After hours’ thou because ‘Impatience’ didn’t reach the top forty and ‘Chick Lit’ only got to number 37…a complete travesty I know but they didn’t get any daytime radio play…when they did (with after hours) they got to number 11 (which is more like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!) xx

  49. Ok. I’d also say After Hours. I already entered it for best single/video. I just hope they count my vote as I left some fields blank. I don’t know the best “dance filler” pfff….. 🙄


  50. and, I nearly entered “Keith A. Murray” as best solo artist. nearly. but, I was afraid that NME wouldn’t count my votes on account of cheekiness or something… I couldn’t think of anyone! so instead, I entered some incredibly unpopular local singer whom I loooove. and has no hopes whatsoever of winning.

  51. The choice of pictures somewhat relates to NME s album rates, no? They pretty much hate cold play, look at Chris whatever he is called foto. how nice. I cant stand the guy. *no, I am not hiding under the table*.
    Thanks for that Keith link, great idea, the NME rating business is usually such a nightmare, they basically force people to find ways to cheat!

  52. The hard rock cafe gig was amazing. My mum emailed paul rees – editor of q asking how to get tickets and he said ‘don’t worry i’ll put you on the guest list!’. i managed to get a set list too – storme said that the setlists were handwritten by keith that very morning!!

    I’m voting for keith in the NME poll and also giving BFlow a high mark too – he is another love of mine but keith does deserve the top place!!

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