Watch Nevermind the Buzzcocks on Youtube, BBC 6Music with George Lamb

You can start watching the episode of Nevermind the Buzzcocks with Keith on it on Youtube now:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

This will be available to download later.

 The Experiment: We Are Scientists
Keith and Chris were on BBC 6Music with George Lamb on Tuesday. Go there to watch a video (UK only), but everyone can listen to the audio from the show there (the audio starts around 2:09:00 – I’ll rip this later for all of you to download).



13 thoughts on “Watch Nevermind the Buzzcocks on Youtube, BBC 6Music with George Lamb

  1. I just watched it. just couldn’t resist. and I must say it’s not that bad. I expected much worse. ok, he definitely was in the wrong team, I hated that that woman had so much speaking time in the beginning. urgh…but whenever he said sth. it was funny. and he looked great. and in part three at 0:27 I could’ve just squeezed him…awww….

    and I must say, I like that Simon Amstell. he really is funny. I only knew him from some interviews, but he’s good.

  2. Saw it last night. A part of me was hoping for more, but it was alright. Kinda felt sorry for him, since he didn’t have a clue about all the British TV show referencing going on. Yeah, he should’ve been on Dermot’s team, instead of that annoying rapper guy (I live in the UK and I haven’t heard of him and his “posee”, and I’m glad)

    I’m pretty sure Dermot knows him from back in his Big Brother’s Little Brother hosting days. If memory serves me right, I think that Keith and Chris were on that show..then again I could’ve dreamed it… :S

  3. I think with six, resp. 7, people all wanting to be funny it’s hard to “be heard”. But I agree, he really had a disadvantage because of all those british tv shows. I mean, they should consider their guests and could’ve chosen more suitable topics. and put him in that other team at least and get rid of that stupid guy with his even more stupid hat. haha.

  4. Yeah, it did turn into a bit of a listen-to-me-I’m-being-funny contest. If we put things into perspective, apart from Phil Jupitus, Simon Webb (from Dermot’s team) is a comedian, and even he didn’t speak that much.

    With loud personalities like Arlene Phillips and “Senor Rapper”, it was pretty difficult for anyone to get a word in. As for Simon Amstell, well, he’s the host, and plain brill, so I’ll let him off 😉

    Btw, why was Arlene Phillips even on the show? She knows nothing about current music! If I were her, I would’ve listened to her daughter *sigh*

    At the end of it all, Keith salvaged his Buzzcocks TV career by looking great *thumbs up*

  5. I’ve only watched the first part so far, but I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I’d be. it’s adorable how out-of-place Keith seems, with his lack of knowledge about British culture. silly Brits!

    Simon Amstell is hilarious. the poor kitten! I bet he swore just so he could kill that thing.

    Keith looks so pretty. *swoons*

    I don’t like the people on Keith’s team either. :-/

  6. When Simon first brought that kitten out I thought he was going to make a reference to the ‘With Love And Squalor’ cover. Keith’s even holding the black kitten one on the cover isn’t he! It was obviously just a coincidence…

  7. Oh, i think he did rather well given the circumstances! He made some well funny remarks. In the end, he didnt speak that much less than some others on the show, its just that we are used to him never shutting up!

    its funny to see how timid he was though. when they performed the songs he crossed his arms in front of his chest! usually his big gestures are all over the place! Gosh he must ve been nervous. bless him. Must ve been hard.

    Am I the only one that thinks Chris would ve found it easier to handle this kind of appearance? He s got a kind of ‘natural presence’ that is hard for anyone to ignore. And maybe he is a tiny bit funnier than Keith (*sorry*)…

  8. You’re so right, the two of them that could ve been real fun. They might have taken over the show. I clearly wouldnt want to be the presenter in that case! 🙂

  9. Yeah it was a bit dissapointing – Simon never really spoke to Keith like he spoke to the others (although I guess that maybe spared him getting the mick taken from him) and there were no WAS lyrics on the lyrics round either ! And poor Keith did look quite nervous and shy, bless ‘im!
    Never mind, he didn’t make a fool of himself so that’s a bonus! I did like the comment about seeing his future in the line-up! And it’s still a great show, Simon Amstell is sooo much better that the guy who did it before.

  10. They should have had chris on one team an keith on the other as guest captains!!

    Yeah after re-watching it this morning via youtube it really wasn’t that bad…i just wanted more of keith and less of arlene. That joke he made about living up to her daughters expectations got a really good laugh which is good….and everytime he said something it was funny….they should have just tailored the conversation a bit more really so he could join in….yeah I think keith does get shy while chris just takes it all in his stride.

  11. i think he was a bit nervous too, it’s quite a famous tv program and really, he was on his own. he had no idea who anyone was and he was the only non-brit. he was very funny when he did speak, but i think it was the episode on the whole that was disappointing as they had two legends on there, keith, obviously, and robert webb, who were both pretty much ignored and two randomers who jabbered on about rubbish.

    it could have been better, but far from keith’s fault!
    still mega funny though and well worth the watch.

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