Clash Magazine online feature


We Are Scientists Exclusive Acoustic Set: Video Feature
Clash Magazine has a three song set and interview with the guys.

And I have to post this picture that’s on that site:


Downloads: Interview / After Hours / Impatience / Lethal Enforcer


24 thoughts on “Clash Magazine online feature

  1. Me too, Miranda. Me too. 😛

    L, try downloading the file instead. I had to do that because I can’t watch the stream here at work. But if you have Quicktime or iTunes, you should be able to watch that file.

  2. So, is that a brusque, manly hug? Hee!

    I have to make do with the YouTube clip until I can get home and download the whole thing, but I can already tell that “More Than Words” will be the newest addition to my Official W.A.S. Cover Song Wish List. 🙂

  3. Oh, this is soooooo cuuuute. I’m glad I came here again before going to bed. I have to check out all this stuff tomorrow. but this photo…awwww….I don’t think I have seen many more things as adorable as this. can’t get over it.

  4. It might be slow. I was trying to load the board a few minutes ago on both my computer and my phone and it gave me “unresponsive server” messages. But as of 12:05 PM over here both the website and board are online.

  5. weird, but my internet is pretty slow now anyways. but ok, I’m gonna keep trying. thanks, Renee.

    it also took ages now loading your site. but I just saw the website/forum is back. 😀

  6. So the ‘funniest band ever’ totally fails to come up with a simple joke. Now THAT is funny.
    Great sound in that open space. Sometimes I forget that Keith’ voice can be just so lovely.

  7. I’m trying to download this now, it’s taking a million years but hopefully it’ll work eventually….that photo is amazing – is it just me or does Keith look like he’s really enjoying it but Chris looks like he’s wincing a bit…?
    Reminds me of when Chris is going off on a rambling story and Keith just gazes adoringly at him and giggles – sweet!

  8. To me it looks like Chris is having some temper tantrum, like a little toddler who can carry chairs, and Keith is like “oh, there he goes again…” and the pic below is Keith calming Chris down like a proper mother. :mrgreen:

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