The 3rd Annual What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway


Christmas threw up on Chris and Keith, by Megan



Happy holidays! Click on the link below to find out how you can win limited edition We Are Scientists goodies.


I made a little announcement not too long ago about something BIG and this is what’s up. Every year (since 2006) I’ve run a contest on my site for you loyal visitors of What’s the Word to win We Are Scientists merchandise. 

This year is extra special because this time around there’s some autographed and LIMITED EDITION items up for grabs:

Prize Pack #1

vinyl-pack giveaway 2008

The vinyl pack

  • Cash Cow (rare vinyl)
  • Great Escape
  • Nobody Move
  • After Hours (signed by Chris, Keith, Max)
  • Impatience
  • Prize Pack #2

    The CDs pack

    • Brain Thrust Mastery (signed by Chris and Keith) US edition
    • Impatience CD single

    Prize Pack #3


    The posters pack

    A huge Brain Thrust Mastery Poster (I’ll get the dimensions for this later, and the apples shown are not included. I needed items to hold down the poster for the picture.)

    Each of these winners will also receive an autographed Brain Thrust Mastery poster and the exclusive  US  radio promotional CD, Chris and Keith’s Ulitmate Playlist which features Lethal Enforcer, After Hours, Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix), Dinosaurs (Ibiza Mix) and Hoppipolla.

    If you would like to be chosen for this Holiday Giveaway, this is what you need to do:
    – email me at (Use this email address only. If you send it to my other gmail address, your entry will be invalid)
    – use  the subject “HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY
    – provide me with your name. 

    There are absolutely NO country restrictions on this contest. As long as you have a valid mailing address, you’ll have a chance to win. Do not send duplicate entries. It will not increase your chances in winning. Don’t give me your sob stories on why you deserve to win. The winners will be chosen by a random drawing system. 

    This contest ends on DECEMBER 25 at 11:59 PM PST. I’ll announce the winners on December 26.  

    Good luck! Happy Holidays! 


    The graphic made for this contest was made by my good friend, Megan.

    Many thanks to Chris and Keith and to Astralwerks for some of the items you see here. And thanks to Max as well since he signed a few things here too. I’m very sorry to everyone that I didn’t get Adam to sign anything here- this wasn’t intentional. I had the opportunity to get these items signed by him, and I simply forgot to ask.


    21 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway

    1. Renee
      If we win the 3rd prize do we get the Apples aswell?????
      Cus if we do then thats the only prize i want =D =D
      (sorry =/ lol)
      This is awesum =D i got sum CD’s done to give out as Prizes at work for staff that had done well & when i was givin um out i was like (noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo y am i doin this i want to keep um =( )
      THANK YOU for bein a better person than me =D i really dont think i could part wiv all that =D


    2. thanks soooo much for the opportunity! these prizes are amazing! i agree with helen, i certainly couldn’t part with all that! you do so much for us WAS (stalker) fans 😛 it is MUCH appreciated. also thanks to you and the boys for getting so much stuff signed. thanks again!

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