Purple Pedals, After Hours on WFUV

Purple Pedals: We Are Scientists
Keith’s on a purple bike and Chris and him talk about they money they’re gonna need for Keith’s future kids.

The Alternate Side: Video: We Are Scientists
The guys perform After Hours for WFUV.


22 thoughts on “Purple Pedals, After Hours on WFUV

  1. that was a lovely “interview”, I wonder if there’s any truth to that whole kids story. haha.

    that live performance is beautiful. makes me miss them even more. but what the hell are those glasses. I really, really hope it’s just a joke and not Keith’s real glasses…. 😯

  2. Ha! The glasses are hilarious! I was always hoping that when the contacts came out, he wore like those 1950s type glasses. The ones with the black rim on top. Like Shia LeBeouf in that “Bobby” movie. Those are quite funny though.

  3. have you seen the advent calendar? it was HILARIOUS. thank god my husband is out I was laughing so hard. I can’t stop. gonna watch it again now. 😆 😆
    god, I love those guys.

  4. can’t wait neither. have to borrow my mum’s laptop to watch it. oh, they would be so good in a tv show.
    can’t stop thinking of chris in that hat and scarf. 😆

  5. Keith looked like he was really concentrating hard when he was riding that bike, I guess he doesn’t cylcle often?!?

    Aww the advent calendar was soo funny – Chris is adorable with his wooly hat on 🙂

    Kerstin – my husband knows that if I’m sitting with my laptop, headphones on and roaring with laughter, chances are I’m watching WAS!!! He knows they have a special place in my heart and he just has to put up with it!! Tho to be fair he thinks they are funny too and he’s started listening to BTM….

  6. Ruth, that’s lovely that your hubby likes WAS and understands that you love them. Sadly, I can’t say that about mine.
    at least I was baking cookies today with my son and we listened to BTM twice and WLAS once. he was dancing along to Ghouls so cute. at least one man in my family who appreciates good music. 😉

  7. Weeell I’m not sure he fully understands the depth of my obsession, or the amount of time I dedicate to it…..but he knows as much as he needs to!!! I try not to let him feel threatened by the other men in my life!!!

  8. ok, maybe he does not fully understand it, but makes it easier if he does like them and thinks they’re funny.
    it’s cute how you refer to them as “other men in your life”. 😉

  9. Well how can anyone NOT like them – they’re smart, funny, cool, great musicians and all-round entertainers!!! If he didn’t at least like them a teensy bit I’d have to divorce him on grounds of poor taste 🙂

  10. woah GREAT find miranda!
    that might be the best acoustic performance up to date.
    i love how you can hear chris’ actual acoustic bass and complimentary backings.
    the only drawback would be keith’s weary looks. 😦
    thanks miranda.

  11. awww, I love that performance.
    keith does look a bit weary, but I figured it was the lighting since he was looking really good in the video with their performance in their hotel. bad lighting can do a LOT of damage. whereas the lighting was good for Chris.
    anyways, great video, thanks for the link, Miranda. 😀

  12. Oooh man I LOVE the acoustic version of Lethal Enforcer. I’ve seen a similar one elsewhere and just thought it was beautiful. I watched it over and over and tried to re-create it myself, but you really need both parts to make it work. I need a similarly WAS enthusiastic guitar-playing friend! Anyway I think Chris’ singing on this version is really good – he’s been working at getting that sexy crack in his voice!

  13. 😆 Oh man, just watched that last video too… WTF was that bit with the seal? LOL! And ahh when they were lip synching it looked like they were both ready to crack up at any moment. Hahahaha…..

  14. I cant believe it,just watched clip 4 of the Advent calendar. Tracey and i bought that red guitar for Dash.Seeing Chris n Keith using it in the video has just made my xmas an extra special one,thanks guys xx

  15. Ahhhhhhh that guitar came from Wigan, travelled in the car to London, then on the tube to Hard Rock Cafe. At least we know it made it home safe and sound with Chris. How cool is that……….but i nearly died laughing when i watched it this morning!!!!!!!!!! Not a bad way to wake up on Christmas morning xxx

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