Keith’s favorite “heart” songs, the Giveaway results

You Ain’t No Picasso’s 12 Days of Mixmas – Day 12: Keith Murray of We Are Scientists
Keith lists his favorite songs that use the word “heart” in the chorus.

Thanks to everyone who entered the What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway! The winners have been contacted. Congratulations Lawrence, Heather, and Caroline! 😀


13 thoughts on “Keith’s favorite “heart” songs, the Giveaway results

  1. Yes,congrats to all the winners,well done.I was slightly gutted at not winning but i suppose having Chris play with Dash’s guitar on the final advent clip makes up for it (i still cant believe it,i think Tracey and i picked a good pressie their)!!!!!………..Anyway just caught up on Keiths top songs with “Heart” in the title and i have to say am so glad he included a Cut Of Your Hand song.These guys are amazing,esp live.But we had bad news yesterday,Michael is leaving the band in Feb…………..Oh no!!!!!!…..I’ll miss you Tuck Shop!!!!

  2. okay, I feel like a jerk. Cut Off Your hands are really good, but I totally ignored them and Morning Benders when I saw them open for WAS, because I was so excited for WAS. I wish I had payed more attention to them…

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