Another Christmas greeting

It looks like there was another video out there that had a Christmas greeting from the guys through Myspace:

Click on the picture to watch the video at Myspace. Or if you want to download the video, click here. (Hmmm, Adam’s a wonderful drummer and all, but this new guy shows some potential! 🙂 ) 

And just in case you wanted to download all those Advent Calendar videos, Adrian’s ripped ’em and you can get them here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


22 thoughts on “Another Christmas greeting

  1. Oh, today is Dash’s birthday! I didn’t know the exact date.
    Awww, Happy Birthday from me too, and from Ruben! 😉 Hope he has a lovely day, but I’m sure he will. 😀 Maybe he’ll get a “real” drumset! 😀

    Jo, I wonder why the 4th clip is your favourite. hehe. 🙄

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Hope you all have a lovely year and it brings you much happiness, thanks to everyone who made last year so special, the friends I’ve made, the lovely, beautiful Whats the Word community…and needless to say the band we all love and adore!! Hmmmm what were they called again?!

    That clip is soo cute……I think that young musician may be one to watch in the future! xxx

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