Hard Rock Cafe show audio download, Lethal Enforcer acoustic video from NME

Hard Rock Cafe show broadcast from Q Radio:
Download in one big file OR download it two parts: 1 / 2 
(Sorry this took so long for me to post here!)

And then there’s this performance of Lethal Enforcer from NME.com that Miranda linked to a while ago.


Click on the picture to watch it on Youtube or click here to download the file.

So I know there’s not much news and etc. to post right now, but it doesn’t mean this site will be dormant! This site’s going to be reworked on within the next couple of weeks and I’m in the process of moving all the video and audio files away from Mediafire to somewhere else that’s permanent. Once the move is done, you’ll be able to download everything I’ve linked to on this site plus other old WAS stuff.

Since there’s more than a handful of you out there that take advantage of downloading all the WAS videos that have been linked here, I’ve got an important question for you: what type of video files would you prefer? The choices are in this poll below and it would greatly help me if you answered it:


13 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe show audio download, Lethal Enforcer acoustic video from NME

  1. i really appreciate you uploading all these media files you media whiz!
    but i would probably enjoy it more if it came in mp4 format as well that way i could watch it on trips on my ipod, which is more convenient.
    if i saved it onto my computer, i might as well just stream it on youtube, but that’s just what i think.

  2. Thanks for the upload! Now I can listen to myself sounding extremely posh all of the time!! As to the downloadable files, like kerstin i’ve never had any problems – any file format is fine for me too!

  3. So I was looking at the drummer from Mates of State’s Twitter page and it said that he was going to NY to rehearse with WAS for a TV show on wednesday….I assume he means WAS as in WAS…:p.
    Anybody know which TV show this is?

    (I’m a huge Mates of State fan as well so this is kind of blowing my mind.)

  4. …what about Adam? does that mean he’s done touring with them?

    everything I’ve ever downloaded from here has worked fine for me, but I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded anything .mp4 or .mov. ever since I tried to download iTunes 8, my computer has decided that it’s not going to play anything that uses Quicktime. but I can stream things using Quicktime just fine… I blame Vista. so I’d prefer .wmv or .mpeg/.mpg, because my laptop agrees with those.

  5. What do you mean “what about Adam”? You think he would have to “leave”? I think I remember an interview where Chris said they will be writing songs with Max and Adam and see how it works out. I don’t think they are looking for a new drummer now. I really do hope everything works out alright and Adam will stay in the band.

  6. oh, dear. yeah, you’re right. I hope they’re not done with Adam (resp. Adam is not done with them. you never know…) I hope it’s just a one-time thing. I mean, they seriously have to stop breaking up other bands. 😆

    but also important: what TV show?

  7. Yeah I don’t think they’re planning on ditching Adam…mainly cause I know that the drummer from Mates of State (Jason) isn’t planning on leaving.

  8. Its interesting all the same Lux,we eagerly await more news from you,keep checking Twitter,im dying to know more about this tv show xx

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