MTV show taping next week

Their news page and Myspace blog was updated today with this:

TV just got a little nastier …

On January 21st, a new MTV show called “What You’re Watching with Alexa Chung” will shoot a pilot in New York City. We will be performing a song or two. If you want to be in the audience, just send an email with your name and age to and put “WAS” in the subject line. They’ll get back to you shortly with either great news (you’re in!) or terrible news (you’re too old/your name is wrong!).

Finally, Chris and Alexa will appear in the same room together, proving, once and for all, that they are not the same person.


35 thoughts on “MTV show taping next week

  1. All you lucky Americans,please go and give the guy’s some support,NY City’s a little too far for me to travel from the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Has anyone emailed MTV requesting tickets? I emailed them very late Thursday night and haven’t heard back yet, just curious and antsy because I want to know if i can go! I’m turning 28 the day after and it would be the best bday present ever!!

  3. i sent them something, too and i haven’t heard back which sucks because i have to give 2 days notice of absence and it’s the first day of this semester in college. i’ll miss it if i get tickets. i don’t care. it’ll be a 19th birthday present to me.

  4. I e-mailed MTV Wednesday evening about it and still haven’t heard back. I’m in the same situation about missing the first day of classes so hopefully we all hear back soon.

  5. AHA! THIS is the Tv show Jason from Mates of State was rehearsing with W.A.S. for….I just now put two and two together…

    Do we know yet when this will air?

  6. It’s only a pilot so there’s no guarantee that this show will air. Hopefully MTV will finally realize they need to show live music on their regular channel again (instead of pushing everything to MTV2 and MTV Hits, etc.) and this show will be on their regular lineup. 😀

    • Wow, still haven’t heard anything back yet? Have you tried emailing that MTV casting email address again? That’s so rude of MTV to take so long in at least giving you guys the courtesy in letting you know if you’re in or not. I think if you don’t hear anything by at least 8 PM EST tonight, that’s probably a sign you weren’t chosen.

  7. starbright, i agree, but the bulletin says that they’d email a yes or no. it’s very tactless to not email beforehand, especially for us who’d have to travel a long time to get there.

  8. Well, today’s the day. Anybody going? Even if they didn’t email back, did someone try to find like a secret address? And MTV continues it’s long tradition of sucking. *sigh*

  9. idk where to even go and it’d take me 2 or 3 hours to get there, even on train or bus so i can’t. it sucks so much. i wish i could have went.

  10. Thanks for your help Renee, I really appreciate it. Here’s hoping the boys will play a show in NYC soon, hopefully with some new music!?!?!!

  11. thank you hun! i just checked on their myspace and only one girl said that she was contacted to go. idk how much i believe it because wouldn’t you think more people would have responded? maybe i’m just cynical. i’ll definitely see them another time so it’s no big deal. thank you again, though renee. you were a great help!

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