In the newest issue of Q Magazine

There’s a 4-star review of December’s Hard Rock Cafe show in the March edition of Q Magazine:


15 thoughts on “In the newest issue of Q Magazine

  1. Sounds like it was so good fun. Damn, how I sometimes yearn to live in London only for the music….I can totally see how Keith walks through the crowd, jumps on tables ‘n all sorts without missing a single word. That man is so slick when he’s had a drink 🙂

  2. The lenghty explanation of textbook makes me want to punch a lot of people in the face. Would give anything to hear that song live. I bet they’ll stop playing it next tour or something. That is honestly just my luck.

  3. I’d be happy if they didn’t play it live anymore.

    I’m tired of hearing it. Even when he does walk around the crowd during the performance, I’m more amused by the people who get all freaked out by it.

    I miss Keith’s stage diving / crowdsurfing during the Great Escape. That was funnier.

    Plus the setlist needs room for more new songs and b-sides! I still curse the fact that I have never heard Ram It Home live and probably never will. 😦

  4. Textbook is one of my favorite songs and I am definitely not sick of hearing it live, but I would trade it in a heartbeat for Ram It Home. (or Altered Beast.)

  5. I’m glad it good a good review! The boys were amazing as always and played some little gems! Textboook is a classic and I don’t think it will be replaced although Keith now has to go into the crowd every time!! It was a bit sad to know that the gig was the last of the BTM tour although I think we knew that anyway!!

  6. I’ve been lucky enough to here Ram It Home and Altered Beast live but i have to say hearing Spoken For at Hard Rock Cafe with a string section was pretty amazing.

  7. oooo Spoken For would be amazing to hear live with a string section, Joanne. I can’t remember if they played it the last time I saw them…

  8. Finally its arrived!!! I can stop flicking throu Q whilst in tescos and getting told off by the cashier!! Glad it got four stars, it was an awesome night/day…….i guess it must be hard comprising set lists to suit the mixture of fans but really hope to get lucky again (at some point!) and hear more Bsides/ lesser played tracks…I won’t write them down we’d be here all day!

    Maybe they could do some secret shows just for us and take requests!!!!! Just an idea for the boys!! I wish they didn’t refer to Max and Adam as helpers thou.

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