Nominations for NME Awards 2009

Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 nominations

Sexiest Male
Carl Barat

Keith Murray

Matt Bellamy
Miles Kane
Pete Doherty

Best Album Artwork
The Cure – ‘4:13 Dream’
Guillemots – ‘Red’
The Killers – ‘Day & Age’
Muse – ‘HAARP’

We Are Scientists – ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’

Voting starts at midnight tonight at NME.COM/AWARDS


4 thoughts on “Nominations for NME Awards 2009

  1. Yay *whoops for joy* we got somewhere…this almost makes up for the repetitive strain injury I picked up! (Yes my spelling is shocking put it down to swollen fingers!)

    Chris being on the list would have been awesome! Thou album art work is good!!! However, I, like Kerstin was kinda hoping for best album too….it was certainly one of mine.

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