Q Mix DJs

Bert Panini and Craig Fishskins Chris and Keith hosted the Q Mix at Q Radio. You can go to Q’s site and listen to the stream there.

Or you can download the whole two hour session here: Part 1 / Part 2


22 thoughts on “Q Mix DJs

  1. I don’t know if they’re working on the new album yet. Maybe?

    And please, everybody don’t take that in the wrong way. I honestly don’t know because I don’t think it’s the right time to ask. If I was Keith or Chris, I’d be sipping on margaritas somewhere in the Caribbean enjoying the time off. 😛

  2. Exactly.

    Good things come to those who wait.

    I have high expectations for whatever they come up with next so I’d rather they take as much time needed to come up with something that’s fucking epic.

  3. I’m sure that will be so good and epic.
    I have same high expectations.
    I just want they have a new realease et come back in europe for LIVE SHOWS!!!!
    because i need my WAS fix this year(4 shows last year).

  4. Wow, it’s funny how we’re all WAS-junkies here 😛 I think we all have high expectations (no pressure, guys!). I guess the longer the wait, the sweeter the final result will be 😀

  5. Im sure we all agree the guy’s deserve some time off.As much as id love a new album/tour the last thing i want is for them to over do it and crash n burn.Its good to have something to look forward to and its suprising how quickly things come round.Remember good things come to those who wait!!!

  6. Oh dear I was reading all this last night, then I went and dreamed that WAS were unveiling 2 new singles – 1 was a cool acoustic number but the other was a dreadful collaboration with the Ting Tings (can’t stand them!) and I was shouting at them “no – you should have listened to us, this is terrible!”

    Anyway, back to the Q Radio thing – that was a really interesting selection of music, not stuff I’d listen to normally but I really enjoyed it. Of course a lot of it was just their friends, but it’s nice they support their mates! But then The Troggs????

  7. Ahh ruth loved that! I woke up the other night scared shitless thinking someone was in my room then realised it was just outside lighting reflecting on to my WAS poster….

    Sure I read somewhere bout them hoping to have album out in autumn…but thats quite soon musically really given last yrs touring and giving them chance to chill out! So I’m kinda hoping for some shows round sept/oct when they’ll play some new songs….if bsides are anything to go off I think the new stuff will be immense…and well worth the wait!!!

  8. yes, yes, yes. they’re always worth the wait indeed. 😀 and then they’re ramming it home. and surprise us all, make us dance off and forget about our impatience. yes. we just can’t lose and that’s what counts. for me anyways. ;o)

    aaaahhhh….you just gotta love their song titles. lol.

  9. i have mixed feelings about time off.
    in a way i wish they’d just have the rest of their lives off, as i think they deserve it for all their amazing work and being such lovely people, but i couldn’t handle that. EVER. it’s hard enough knowing there’s no hope of a tour for ages.

    but really, they can take as much time as they want. the outcome will be better, an amazing album and after time off hopefully, touring will be something they’re excited for and not just something they’re doing. 🙂

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