Chris in NME for his Twitter

Chris is in the newest issue of NME as one of the 20 people you should follow on Twitter:



13 thoughts on “Chris in NME for his Twitter

  1. Jenn, other people included on the list were Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Russell Brand, Kanye West and P Diddy.
    Chris is easily the best person on the list.

  2. NME is a good time. i just never trust their band reviews. is it just me, or do they seem to dismiss artists that you would assume they’d like? like they pushed the kooks, wombats, iglu and hartley etc and then slate them forever after.

    gotta be pleased with them for all the promotion and stuff for great bands though. hardly an issue goes by without a something to do with WAS in 😀

  3. NME usually says good things about WAS, but I think they could at least give WAS a cover sometime. They’ve put some of the shittiest bands on their cover, yet not one has had WAS on it. It’s bullshit.

    And I hate them for lots of other reasons. 😛

  4. i think NME has too many writers that have different opinions on bands. in one issue they could be talking up a band and then in the same issue they have a bad review :/

  5. If I saw WAS on the front cover of NME I would actually die of joy.Even though I actually hate NME so much, a WAS cover may up my opinion slightly, haha 🙂 Oh, and can’t wait for WAS to announce a UK tour for 2009! 😀

  6. yeah… there like any news on dates for 2009? Even festivals?….I’d buy NME if WAS were on the cover…as opposed to just stand in WHSmiths and read the interesting bits! Surely to co-inside with the release of their next album a beautiful feature length article could be arranged?!

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