Lethal Enforcer cover

If you’ve been a WAS fan for a while, then surely you know who Ethan Fogus is.

If you don’t, well Ethan Fogus is like the taste of black coffee and unfiltered cigarettes, with music somewhere between Bishop Allen, Bruce Springsteen and Bright Eyes. Their newest record, The Fox Spoke is out and up for purchase on their Myspace.

He’s covered some of the hits off With Love and Squalor, and he’s most recently tackled Lethal Enforcer. Upon hearing this rendition of Lethal Enforcer, Chris Cain said this: “Insane! You are a young Tom Waits. It’s great.” Here’s some of the background about it:

Lethal Enforcer.

I promised myself a long time ago I would never attempt to do another “serious” We Are Scientists cover. Things changed recently when I was approached by the guys to do another song in honor of their newest release Brain Thrust Mastery. I was bored enough with life at the time to whole heartedly agree.

The next few weeks were spent demoing this song. Changing the key, switching up some of Keith’s lyrics and generally figuring how I wanted the arrangement to sound. What instruments to use. Boring things. Then one night my room mate and I were super drunk. I woke up the next day with a terrible hangover and I decided that today would be the best day to record the final version of the song, you should of heard how terrible the first vocal take sounded, like Devendra Banhart only awful.

A month and a half later and here we are: Lethal Enforcer. With supplementary vocals provided by Bobby I. Much thanks to Bobby I, Keli Lambert, We Are Scientists, Blake Pittman, Nathan McGirt and Emily Fogus. Thanks to you guys, too.

Listen to the track at his Myspace page.


20 thoughts on “Lethal Enforcer cover

  1. That’s so wrong,i hate it,what a terrible cover,thank god our boys have talent and write/record amazing songs.Sorry Mr Fogus,never mind a hangover it sounds like you were still drunk when you recorded this!!!!!!…….Renee like the new look site xx

  2. I don’t like it either, Joanne. well, I kind of liked the beginning, before he started singing, and I liked the choice of instruments. I’ve never been a fan of Ethan Fogus, though, especially his WAS covers.

    I love the new look, too, Renee!

  3. I’m listening to it now and I’m not all too keen either.

    And I know Joanne and Adrian have already said it but I shall say it too… loving the new look site!

  4. Oooh, everything’s bigger! 😀 Looking good. I find the cover disturbing. After spending ages listening to electro music yesterday, and nearly damaging my ears, this was the first piece of music I listened to today. I wish I hadn’t 😦

  5. i like the new look also.
    that song made me cringe a bit. i couldn’t sit through it all and turned it off after about a minute.
    i’m sorry, but, he was off key, i assume on purpose, and off key *never* sounds good.

    i kind of wish it was a joke… is it?

  6. oooh, I hate to disagree with Chris, but I don’t like it either. I guess musically it’s ok, but Ethan’s voice…I don’t know. also made me cringe a bit. it’s a bit too whiney. I’m really sorry, I don’t want to be dismissive when people cover a song from a favourite band, because it’s always an effort and they thought about it a lot. but I don’t really like it either.
    I loved Emily’s cover a while back. that was really nice.

  7. Although I have to say I like their other songs, esp. “I can take you”. it’s a lot like Violet Femmes (who are/were great). that song is good.
    he is not bad in general. quite nice actually. But I don’t think I will ever listen to that LE cover again. 😉

  8. O.K……so hated it first time…but now third time round I’m not sure….like the music set up and how it plays on the darker side of the song and gives it another take……just not sure of his voice at times….and can’t compare it to the WAS version….but as a stand alone thing its ok….does any of that make sense?! (Yes I’ve got back to being nervous bout posting!)hx

    (Like the new layout Renee! Good work!xx)

  9. I’ve jammed with Ethan before to this track. That was a lot of fun, but it was a more straightforward interpretation with acoustic guitar involved. Say what you will about his vocals, he really does have talent (they are not an issue for me), and I love the way he took the instrumentation in this track. I didn’t think he would ever cover tWAS again, so this really is a surprise for me, but I like it.

    …since when is Ethan Fogus a “they”?

  10. I think ‘they’ is a reference to everyone who worked on the track like those who sing back-up and that rather than just referencing the creative force behind it all.

    Also he’s changed some words round…I like that cos it makes me interpretate the song differently (I won’t go into this too much cos don’t want to influence other peoples readings and hate it when people do that to me) but the word ‘need’ that mixes things up a bit. And I like how it fades out then comes back in…..it is growing on me!

  11. i think maybe we might be a bit prejudice as we all love WAS so much? i don’t know. i feel bad, it’s just, not the genre of music that i like, really.

  12. ok so I finally listened to this on a different computer
    anyways, the instrumentation is pretty awesome. I love how slow and jangly it is
    and to be honest, this is the best the ethan’s voice has sounded in a while
    also, it’s a little off key but the melody is just in a different key than the original song, which I assume was intentional.
    I think it’s funny how everyone is all “EW ITS SOOO OFF KEY” as if Ethan has no idea what he’s doing musically
    whatever man, different strokes for different folks, but this song is sweet.
    ethan man you need to use reverb on your vocals more often. at least it sounds like you used a little cause it doesn’t sound as short and tinny as it usually does.

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