NME Awards 2009 results

In the battle for Sexiest Man in the NME Awards this year, the winner was:

Renee's picture of Matthew Bellamy when she met him back in 2007 and made him giggle. He is gorgeous in person. And he's a legend on guitar and piano. Sorry Keith.

Matthew Bellamy of Muse (2nd time he’s won!)

Keith got 2nd place:

(thanks for the scan, Zoe!)

And for the award for best cover art, Brain Thrust Mastery was 4th place. Muse’s H.A.A.R.P. won 1st place in this category.

Better luck next year, guys!


11 thoughts on “NME Awards 2009 results

  1. i love keith. i do wish he’d won, he deserved it, muse always win awards. though i doubt he’s cursing the fact that he came 2nd aha

  2. I said this on forum and I’ll say it again (!)…We did awesomely good getting him into top five….now I find out we got him to second place…I am one happy girl!! Wickedly good fandom!!! Good work guys!!!*Pats self on back* xxxx

    (it is a shame he didn’t win thou…still theres always next yr!!!!)

    • acctually LADY (heather)i am the only one !!! i voted for him gazzilions of times and told all my friends to vote for him so i (his future wife) am solely responsible for him being a nominee and coming second!so don’t u go patting ur self on the back or any one else for that matter because it was all ME! HAHAHAHAAHAH

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