Charity show in DC later this month

On March 29, We Are Scientists will have a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington DC. All ticket proceeds go to Musicians On Call.

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketweb. There’s a VIP package on sale for this show where you get to meet the guys, get a signed CD, and a limited edition Hard Rock Cafe March On pin.


14 thoughts on “Charity show in DC later this month

  1. O.k….bought my gig ticket who wants to pay for the plane?!?!
    Kidding!!! Thou am slightly jealous of everyone who gets to go….bloody off work that weekend too… hope everyone has an amazing time you lovely guys all deserve it take care hxx

  2. Hopefully since they’re on the east coast, they just sort of work their way down to South Florida……but that probably won’t happen sadly. 😦

  3. Yes Renee you should go!!!! You can give them all our good wishes, pester them bout UK gigs (don’t they like us anymore?!) and generally get all the goss….great idea! xxx

  4. someone needs to go, and spread our love, as we can’t do it ourselves 😀
    and give a crazy fan hug off me while shouting I LOVE YOU 😀 in their ears.

    i wish i lived in DC :/

  5. 😆 I would love to go to this show,and if I had known about it a month ago I probably would’ve made the effort, but I already have plans. I’m still seeing the band in 5 weeks at Coachella!

  6. I assure you, not only you are jealous, Heather.
    But I’m sure Renee knows what kind of responsibility lies on her shoulders to bring us brandnew news about our beloved Scientists, right Renee? 😉

    • I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people at the show, Joanne. I know there’s no mention of anyone who’s posted here or at the board about going to this show, but WAS always manages getting a good number of people at their shows, regardless of where they are in America.

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