More from Coachella

Check out this fabulous set of photos of WAS at Coachella thanks to Jenn at The Scenestar, one of the best sources for music news in Los Angeles.


20 thoughts on “More from Coachella

  1. Ahh more Coachella pics,lovely,great pics but i miss the guy’s so so much!!!!!!……THE UK NEEDS YOU HERE AND SOON!!!!!!!…….PLEASE!!!!

  2. how about they just concentrate on making a super duper awesome third record and take as much time as they need to make it as awesome as it can possibly be? and then tourtourtourtourtour until they explode.

  3. I know I’m being impatient and a bad girl again. you guys are always so reasonable I feel all guilty now. and I know it’s not long since they stopped touring for BTM. so yeah, they should take their time to make it super duper awesome. although I doubt they are capable of anything else but awesomeness. right?

    I know I keep repeating myself but I really, really do miss them. and if they feel the urge 😉 to play a couple of gigs I’d be more than happy. I’d go anywhere in Germany if they came for only for one show. but I’m saying this without any pressure or anything. although they would hardly feel pressurized by me. hahaha 😆

  4. I’ve just read all your comments and agree with each and everyone one you.Of course i want the guy’s to enjoy their much deserved time off.A new album and tour (in the future) would be awesome.But right now as much as im missing the guy’s,i guess id be happy with some news…..any news.All info seems to have dried up recently and thats whats making me miss them so so much.Id just like to have something to look forward to.Even a new goofy vid of the guy’s would be much appreciated right now!!!!!!………Oh hell maybe we need a support group with councelling.We can call it “How to handle withdrawl from WAS” LOL XX

  5. yes, a support group would be awesome. and we could have weekly meetings over the internet. like a net-conference. haha. and we’d go like: Hi, my name is Kerstin. And I’m a WAS-addict….

    yes, I’d also love to see/hear something. no matter what. a short clip, a short line on the news section in the sci-cave…just a teeny, tiny sth. Am I really too demanding?

    I know, we still have senatorcain’s tweets, but unless he is writing a screenplay for a movie 😉 or he really is talking to Aaron Neville regarding the new album, they are not really useful news. 😉

  6. Oh my life, i’ve not been able to log on for ages!!!!!
    I agree with all of you, definately the support group x
    But I still think we need news, just a little bit, please!
    We miss you xx

  7. A new ‘goofy’ video would be great. I’ve watched all the others so many times that I pretty much know them word for word now!

  8. No Kerstin your not being too demanding and im sure Keith n Chris are glad they have such loyal,intersted fans who miss them.I know we should be patient,and we will,however hard that may be!!!!….On a lighter note im sure we all have so many questions we’d love to have answers to.I for one would love it if we could have a questions and answer session with the guy’s were we submit our questions and the best 10 or so get answered.Just think about it Chris n Keith have recently paid out for a new design web site,they should use it more effectively and have more updates.I dont know maybe Renee could put the idea to the guy’s on our behalf,how cool would it be to have your question answered by Chris or Keith……Lovely!!!

  9. Oh i forgot,who the hell understands Chris’s twittering anyway..In true Cain fashion you must take his twittering with a pinch of salt as he’s clearly mentally unstable lol (sorry Chris) hehe.I can honestly say i have to read them about 3 times to try and understand what he’s saying……i usually fail!!!!!

  10. to be honest I don’t even try to understand them. 😉 I just enjoy them. they’re hilarious. 😆

    I do like your ideas, Jo. sth. but I suck at thinking of questions. you guys would have to do that for me. haha. but yeah, sth. like this would be nice indeed.

  11. Your not usually stuck for words Kerstin,im sure the questions are locked away in your brain somewhere,you just need to unlock them haha.No seriously i think the question n answer idea would be great for us all,i really think we need something to sink our teeth into and get excited about.How the hell do we go about making this happen??????

  12. Ok gals, so what I did was make a thread at the discussion board right now that’ll work as a place for anyone to leave questions or messages to Chris and Keith. Of course, this is not a guarantee that they will respond, but this might be a better and more organized way to do it.

  13. aw, i love these! i wish i went to coachella, SO MUCH.

    ALSO, i dont know if this was known BUT MICHAEL TAPPER JOINED BISHOP ALLEN WTF?!?!?!?!?!

  14. p.s. okay, i found out it is known. i thought i was being so detective-like when i paused bishop allen’s music video for ‘dimmer’ on my tivo and called in all the experts, confirming that it is indeed mr. tapper himself.
    kinda cool, kind of a bitch slap too? EITHER WAY, i love him so its okay.

  15. Holy crap I have an idea! Us pacific northwesterners need to band together and get Keith, Chris, Adam and Max to come to Sasquatch 2010! They were at Sasquatch 2006, and WAS would made the festival SO AWESOME.

    Wouldn’t it be just spectacular if they camped on the grounds?

    It’s the nearest festival (besides Bumbershoot), but it’s way better than Bumbershoot in terms of music. I mean, Bumbershoot this year will feature everyone from Sheryl Crow to Katy Perry to The All-American Rejects on the main stage. But Franz is on monday, so maybe I’ll go that day.

    Who’s with me?

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