Keith on his high school prom

Bowery Presents and 826NYC Present: The Prom You Were Promised
Keith talks about his high school prom

And I forgot to post this earlier since it was first posted by Zoe at the WAS discussion board, but in case you don’t visit the WAS board often enough, here’s a video of the guys playing a short acoustic set for San Diego’s 94.9 FM. It was filmed sometime in between Coachella.


5 thoughts on “Keith on his high school prom

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  2. I really like that acoustic version of Lethal Enforcer. It’s different from that one on the bonus disc, but same tempo. It sounds great in all three versions, which I think says a lot about the songwriting ability of WAS. A well written song can sound good no matter what shape the composition takes.

  3. WOW! They’re even better on this than on the Live at Union Chapel CD =] I shouldn’t act surprised. I’m paying about $300 to go to the All Points West Festival…JUST BECAUSE OF THEM. They’re NEVER touring near me…but it’s Worth the Wait. XP

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