San Diego last night

(UPDATED 5/31, all videos up now)

Yesterday, UC San Diego held their annual Senior Sendoff Bear Garden and We Are Scientists headlined the event with The Henry Clay People and Moostache.

What a show, San Diego- it was such a blast to see such an energetic crowd. The guys were on top form, and of course, charming the crowd with talks about “bear” and Keith’s hairstyles. I can’t imagine a better way to end a school year.

I don’t have the exact setlist, but I do remember the songs that were played, not all of it in order:

Impatience, Let’s See It, This Scene is Dead, Inaction,Chick Lit, Nobody Move
After Hours, Can’t Lose, Cash Cow, Textbook, It’s a Hit, Lethal Enforcer, Great Escape

and there was a very unexpected encore after lots of LOUD chants of “ONE MORE SONG” after the usual finale of The Great Escape:

Lousy Reputation and RAM IT HOME.

A selection of pictures from the show are below and the full set can be viewed at my Flickr page for it:

We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009 We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009
We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009 We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009

We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009

We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009

and kudos to the lucky girl that got a piggy back ride from Keith during Textbook:

We Are Scientists - May 29, 2009

Videos added below this…

Keith during Lethal Enforcer

This Scene is Dead

Lethal Enforcer


almost forgot to add the little bit of The Great Escape I got:

Ram It Home

Talking bits

Videos have better in image quality on the HQ setting- double click on the videos to get to the Youtube page and watch ’em there.


20 thoughts on “San Diego last night

  1. Oh, awesome. you were right, Renee. Chris DOES look fab on your photos. *back into swoooooning mode*
    and I’m glad you got RIH live. you always wished for it. 😀
    gonna look at your photos.
    I’m glad for some new W.A.S. photos etc. thank you for the coverage, Renee. It’s higly appreciated. 😀
    Who else thinks that Keith and Max are going for the twin look hairwise? 😉

  2. Lovin’ Chris’s hair in these pics. They all look so cool and casual, and I WANT Keith’s jean jacket and Adam’s glasses! Gah, too bad they’re not in Washington a lot. I would be running around the Puget Sound all the time going to surprise shows.

    Nice pics Renee!

  3. I forgot to say earlier that the pictures are great Renee 😀

    Kerstin’s point about Keith and Max’s hair is quite true, it is looking rather similar at the moment. And I swear Max’s hair is longer and longer in every picture I see.

  4. Im loving the pics and vids Renee,the gig looks amazing and the guys look really rested and healthy.Thanks so much for this!!!!!!!

  5. the pics are lovely, the boys are all looking rather dashing.
    i actually love keith’s hair at the moment, and chris looks really sweet in these pictures.
    and i agree that they do look all youthful, maybe it’s all this resting 🙂

    also… only at a WAS show could a fan get a piggy back ride during a song 😛

  6. I am loving the hair!! And all the pics!! Just going to watch the vids now, thank you for getting soo much footage it’s awesome!!! xxxx

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