Costa Mesa recap

(6/4- my photo set’s been uploaded now and the rest of the videos from Michelle are there too PLUS an article from OC Arts & Culture)

That's the setlist from the show, yes I own it. Adam Aaronson fucking rules.

This is Keith’s handwritten setlist from the show. Add Lousy Reputation and Ram It Home at the end and that’s what we got! It was such a spectacular show.


Orange County – Last Night – We Are Scientists, The Blood Arm at Detroit Bar
OC Weekly gives their rundown of the show.

Lamisha & We Are Scientists
OC Arts & Culture talk to Keith and Chris about Coachella and some of their usual pre-show activities. (Please consider that suggestion of a Morrissey-style outfit change mid-show, guys. It’s one of the many high points of going to a Morrissey concert and I’m sure it would work well at a WAS show too. 😛 )

Superstar photographer Jenn uploaded her batch!

Gateway to Jenn's photos from the Detroit Bar

Click on the picture or here to get to her Flickr set.

I finally finished uploading my set of photos to Flickr– here’s a sample of ’em:

We Are Scientists - May 31, 2009 We Are Scientists - May 31, 2009

We Are Scientists - May 31, 2009 We Are Scientists - May 31, 2009

Videos after the cut…AND download the audio bootleg of the show

Thank goodness there are fans uploading videos from this show. This is more than half of the show! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Michelle took videos TextbookRam It Home, Nobody Move with Chick Lit,  This Scene is Dead, The Great Escape, Cash Cow, Can’t Lose and Callbacks, and Lousy Reputation below (Big thanks for that front row view!):

My video of Tonight and Dinosaurs (the sound quality is awful, but keep on watching after the song, especially at the 5:00 mark)

Mindy recorded audio from the whole show! Download it here. (Thanks, Mindy!)


24 thoughts on “Costa Mesa recap

  1. Holly Cow your set list is AWESOME,cant wait to hear more but im guessing your “Big Boy” brekkie finished you off.Sleep well Renee xx

  2. Keith is WAY handsom-er in person. I enjoyed the dive bar venue and they served some strongass drinks fit for sailors and well, drunks. I was wasted by Nobody Move and I was taken aback by all the mathematicians and nerds with ‘staches in the crowd. Moustaches that is..

  3. How cool is that setlist (very jealous!!!) and i’m not sure about this restaurant, sounds a bit rude to me!!!!!!!!! Seriously looks like you had a fab time Renee, hope you managed to keep awake at work today xx

    • So let me get this straight- Bob’s Big Boy sounds rude but then you Brits have a dessert called spotted dick? 😆 Sorry, I had to go there.

      And yes, I am surprisingly awake. My big Starbucks drink with four shots of espresso is sorta helping me out here.

  4. someone’s gotta help keith with the shirt sales. we were amazed at his stamina. after keith graciously took a picture with me, i commented to my friend how slim and trim keith is. we thought that after several hours of working the table, that keith would be tired. well if he was, we couldn’t tell. i thought, well it’s probably going to be a short set, but nooooooo, he played past midnight. w.a.s. rocked the house! even i felt like i’d burned some serious calories. to our amazement and admiration after the last encore, we watched as keith hopped off the stage, made his way through the crowd, and made a beeline for the t shirt table. there was already a bunch of people lined up! AMAZING! keith and chris are great men of stamina.

  5. Slightly off topic (again)….Me Bad!!!!……Yes we do have spotted dick Renee and its gross,i prefair jam rolly polly myself.Us Brits have nothing on these guy’s tho,check these brand names out!!!!!

    Great pics by the way and i wish Keith worked the merch stall in the UK,but i guess he’d get killed in the stampeed!!!!!

  6. Those foods sound awful Jo, glad you managed to stay awake Renee, it’s suprising what caffine does to you!!!!! 🙂

  7. Fantastically awesome comprehensive coverage of the whole night…thanks Renee, Jenn, Michelle and Mindy! It looked and sounded great. Come on 2010, get here already. 🙂

    (I reckon a hug from Chris could solve many, if not all, of the world’s problems. Awww.)

  8. I loved how uneducated in the ways of WAS “Lamisha” was. But they got the gist of the guys, so it was delightful to hear some perspective from all-new fans.

  9. so you give California Ram It Home TWICE, but I don’t even get to see Altered Beast ONCE? I see how it is, WAS. hope you don’t expect any more cakes from ME!

    (only teasing, of course; there will be more cakes, but you might want Keith to be your taste-tester.)

  10. I really need to see was in the US! this show looks so adorably intimate. I hope they play smaller shows over here after the new album/when they’ve had a deserved rest.

  11. Thanks for posting all this. I was the (fairly drunk) fellow who got to sing part of the bridge in Textbook (about 2:20 in that video.) Good times. I’m glad I got to see them again. I just happened to be down there on vacation that weekend. Keith was extremely gracious, as usual.

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