Keith with Lightspeed Champion covering “Head Over Heels”

Great find at the WAS discussion board today from Zoe – Keith and Lightspeed Champion did a cover of the Tears for Fears classic, “Head Over Heels” for a benefit last Thursday called, We Are The Wiley. You can read more about this event here at Sound Bites. The video from the show is below:

And Christa was kind enough to rip the audio from this so now you can listen to it in a portable way:

MP3 – Head Over Heels – Lightspeed Champion & Keith Murray


17 thoughts on “Keith with Lightspeed Champion covering “Head Over Heels”

  1. Wow thanks Zoe for finding this,its not every day you see Keith in very very tight shorts.I love Tears For Fears watching this clip just took me back to being a kid when Songs From The Big Chair came out.Everyone raved about that album,and its a true classic.And Lena that pic you posted a link to its hilarious thanks!!!!

  2. I like hoe Keith’s checking the lyrics on his phone, well it looks like a phone anyway 🙂
    Also like the tight shorts and shirt combo 😛

  3. I’m really wondering why nobody’s talking about the fact that Andy Burrows seems to be drumming for WAS right now?! They’re off recording demos for the new record with him!

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