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Copied this morning, straight from their latest update on the social networks (it looks more interesting on the Myspace blog vs. the Facebook one) and on the mailing list:

Shows TONIGHT, tomorrow, and Sunday, w/ surprises Current mood:Elastic
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

You manacled mimes,

It’s an exciting time in the world of We Are Scientists, a world that sits comfortably within the perimeters of the known universe, blanketing roughly 80% of it. For one thing, we’ve got our first shows of the summer coming up this week, just weeks before they’d be disqualified from the summer season altogether. Have a look:

Thursday, 30 July – CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Middle East (w/ Bear Hands, Bad Girlfriend)
Friday, 31 July – NORTHAMPTON, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall (w/ Bad Girlfriend)
Sunday, 2 August – NEWARK, NJ – All Points West Festival (w/ Coldplay, MGMT, Echo & the Bunnymen)

Besides the usual mix of hard-rocking country jams and R-rated cabaret-style dance theater, we’ll be slipping a few surprises in during these sets. We’re talking about things you have simply never seen, and never ever heard. For those of you living outside of traveling distance to these shows, expect a full recap next week — for now, we’ve decided to embrace vagary in the interest of causing some heart attacks in the audience.

If this seems like a big tease, trust us when we tell you that this is the kind of tease that you meet at the bar, spend three hours courting, and are about to write off, when everything suddenly accelerates and you find yourself mattress-dancing in a half-star motel down the road — neon-colored light spilling through the single-ply curtains, the faucet head pissing continuously onto the mirror out of a cracked seal, roaches cocking their antennae inquisitively at the unscheduled performance taking place in the middle of the room, the obsessively repetitive embodiment of a skipping record. And then, of course, there is the first pregnancy, and the second, and the truly-unwanted third. There are the fluctuations in career satisfaction, in lifestyle satisfaction, the waning of thickness and color of hair. There are preschool graduations and high school graduations, and the child who drops out of college, and the one who will never leave college. There are exotic pets, uncreative vacations, larger houses, and, once the kids have all moved out, a smaller one. There is the largely pleasant if blue-tinted shift into much older age, during which so many of the most tangible aspects of your daily life, you find, exist only in memory, the greatest exception, of course, being the person you once spent a couple of hours thinking was probably just a tease, just someone looking for a little entertainment to while away the hours till last call on a Thursday night. And now the two of you have whiled away two entire lives together, largely to the contentment of each — certainly you are happy to have avoided the solitude so many of your friends seem to be spending their declining years immersed in.

Hope to see you at the shows!

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I hope there’s more than a handful of you What’s the Word readers out there that are going to these shows! If so, please leave some comments and fill us in on what those “few surprises” were! 😛


14 thoughts on “Latest newsletter / Facebook & Myspace update

  1. I was at the Cambridge show last night. They played a handful of new songs (3-4). I was impressed by all of them. Sorry I can’t provide more details, but personally, I dug the new stuff more than the BTM material.

    They also played their first show with a new drummer. Don’t remember his name, but he did alright. I expect they will tighten up after a few more shows.

  2. Hey Mark,glad you enjoyed their new material,did you take any pics or video’s by any chance????….And the new drummer is Andy Burrows formaly of Razorlight.Any news/details you remember would be greatly appreciated.Were all desperate for info lol.Welcome to our world!!!!!

  3. Hi. Thanks.

    I wasn’t able to take any pictures, but I saw a lot of cameras there, so pics should be somewhere.

    The new songs seemed like a progression from the Brain Thrust Mastery era songs as opposed to a rehash of Squalor. They seemed to be written with the intent of being played with the extra guitar/keyboard (Max) in mind. From what I can recall, on the whole, they seemed to have a kind of darker tone, compared to past works. I definitely enjoyed though. It will be interesting to see how they progress. I hope a bootleg or video pops up somewhere, although it was very loud, and the mix didn’t seem as good as it was the two previous times I saw them there. I’m not sure how a recording would turn out.

    As for Andy, he is different stylistically than Michael or the last guy (Adam?) He seemed to play a bit more up-tempo and worked in some neat fills. I think he brought a pretty basic kit, kick, floor tom, 1 mounted tom, snare, and a few cymbals. He also sang backup on a few songs. Seems to be a pretty talented fellow.

    I’ll try to piece some more of the show together later, it was a pretty crazy night.

    • Thanks so much for that description, Mark! That’s a lot more than what I’d expect anyone to describe so you’ve definitely given us a good perspective on how the show was.

  4. awww…thank you so much for all this information, Mark. 😀

    I’m really excited about what you said about the new songs. this is exactly to my liking and what I was hoping for.

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