All Points West coverage


We Are Scientists, La Roux, Mogwai play All Points West

“Bassist Chris Cain held down the songs with a pulsing style that approached disco. Their was nothing disco, though, about Keith Murray’s power chords and low-tenor vocals. “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” featured a stop-start, sing-along chorus.”

We Are Scientists performs at All Points West Sunday
There’s a video clip of them here that shows them doing Let’s See It and Nobody Move.


All Points West Turns Into All Points Wet

“Come on, you can’t go home,” sang We Are Scientists’ Keith Murray from the Bullet stage. “The night is young.” Pooling water made it tough for anyone to move anywhere, so the best thing to do was stay put and twitch along with the Scientists’ neo-new-wave jams.

All Points West 2009 – Day 3 Pictures
Brooklyn Vegan has superb photos from this day at APW.

We Are Scientists All Points West Gig Review
Looks like the person who wrote this must have been either trolling around here or at the WAS board… 😆

Fans were also treated to a snippet of new material with a song those in the know have dubbed ‘Carol’, and with a s ound that some would consider a welcome return to form after the mixed reception of BTM.

Colleen has been very, very generous in sharing her raw footage of “I Don’t Bite.” Hope you guys like it because we don’t usually get this type of view in WAS youtube vids 🙂 :

Since this post is longer than most, I’m putting it under a cut…so click below for MORE STUFF including almost every video of WAS at APW:

[from Darren Levy on Vimeo}

The Great Escape:

{from Youtube user shnugen27}

I Don’t Bite – (thanks to Abby for finding this):

{from Youtube user MGMTforlife214}

I Don’t Bite:

The Great Escape

(Many thanks to Kanya for these two videos!)

I Don’t Bite:

After Hours

{thanks to Youtube user siriuslyD for these two! I think I’d like to see a dancing robot at every WAS show 😆 }

Let’s See It and Nobody Move

This Scene is Dead, I Don’t Bite and Lethal Enforcer

{thanks to Youtube user lonelycubicle for these two videos}

I Don’t Bite – the whole thing that’s a lot easier to listen to

{from Youtube user am374}

Here’s a few from a great set of photos from Devyn Manibo:

Lots of nice ones here from Elyse at her Flickr set.

And Pooneh Ghana has some really cool looking photos of Keith at APW here.

Some pictures from Getty Images:

(And this is silly to mention, but this is post #500 here at What’s the Word! Woohoo! Thanks, everybody, for still visiting this site.)


33 thoughts on “All Points West coverage

  1. ok, it’s definitely weird not seeing Adam behind the drums anymore and I do miss him. But I also like Andy and I love how he’s going crazy behind the drums. Now Keith is not the only one with his crazy moves. :o)

  2. I never really spoke to Adam so wasn’t that attached to him, but it is sad to see him go. though a part of me has been expecting it.

    now I definitely will have to make an Andydoll…I wonder what color his jumpsuit should be.

  3. I know you’ve all seen this by now.

    but how awesome does this sound? man, I’m already addicted to it, despite the bad quality. I’m so grateful to Christa for recording this.
    I bet it will blow our minds once we hear it “properly”.
    I esp. love the middle part with those drums and bass….aaaahhhh….lovely. and Keith’s higher notes … beautiful. such a pretty song.

  4. i went to apw and i have to say, it was terribly run. by the time i got into the park, i missed most of we are scientists’ set, which was the band i basically went to see. i saw two songs and almost got puked on by a drunk girl. it was HORRIBLE. i should have stayed home in ma and saw them twice, to be honest.

    • Aww I’m sorry to read that you weren’t able to see WAS! 😦 I was reading about the problems about APW yesterday and I hate to say that I’m not surprised by the complaints on how it was badly run because the same company that runs it does Coachella over here (and I have my own laundry list of complaints on how Coachella’s handled). I hope you were able to see some other good bands that day!

      • i didn’t get to see anyone! i left after the girl threw up next to me. i streamed mgmt and coldplay later that day.

        friday and saturday were decent, though. like you said, though, it was just horribly run. i would have liked to see them in cambridge or northampton, both which are relatively close to me, than go to apw to be honest.

  5. It’s a short clip, and the person who posted it doesn’t know the title of the song, but this is another new one.

    Why is the east coast so far away from the west coast. Urgh.

  6. I am loving these new songs!!! i love how they change up each album and that the emphasised musical influences compliment the lyrics (and vice versa, if that makes sense!)…..hopefully the wait for next album won’t be too long!

  7. I love the new song, the melody is amazing. And the bass. and the drums…
    btw. what do you guys think about andy? I think he fits in perfectly, bringing the whole sound to a new level…

  8. Ah, hmm ok so on re-reading my last post makes no sense! Still new WAS songs YAY! Thanks for the photos they’re really good….I think Andy is going to be awesome he does seem to fit right in!

  9. Andy just responded to one of Adrian’s tweets: @andywburrows – @cougarswithguns that one’s called ‘I don’t bite’. i quite like ‘carol’ tho!

    We have a name! But honestly, I’m probably going to keep calling it Carol.

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