The new “lab assistant”

So who’s the blonde guy that’s been behind the drum kit for the past three shows? Andy Burrows! While I know a lot of us fans are sad to see Adam go, we’re all delighted that WAS have teamed up with Andy.

NME will have the story in this week’s newest issue, but here’s the scan for you to read now (click on the image to read the full size):



18 thoughts on “The new “lab assistant”

  1. As in tomorrow’s NME!!! And next weeks too…
    Its good that we now officially know whats going on, it feels like we’ve been waiting for this announcement for weeks.

  2. Good to see they’re still in the habit of hanging out with furry things. (… by which I mean the puppy.) The last line made me giggle in a most undignified manner!

  3. As a Max fan, why is he never mentioned? To me, he’s the heart and soul of live shows and just lovely. He deserves to be counted.

    I’m fairly sad it’s official now, I miss Adam.

  4. of course Max deserves to be counted. he is lovely and I always enjoyed watching him on stage and appreciated his input. but we must not forget (and I used to forget myself) that he and Adam never were permanent members. neither is Andy now. Andy also is still talking of the “dynamic DUO”. so, it’S still officially “only” Chris and Keith.

    I guess we have to get used to the fact that other musicians might “come and go”.

    So far, I really do like Andy. I love how he is drumming. so energetic. it’s such a pleasure to watch. makes me wanna dance even more. 😀

  5. So if you don’t have long hair, pil, beard, or moustache, you can’t be a We Are Scientists’s member, it’s a criterion for hiring, even for honorary member…

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