From this week’s NME

Updated 8/14 with a better scan and link to the video (thanks, Laura!)

This week’s NME has more news from the guys about how the new album’s going so far:


The article mentions a video on but I haven’t been able to find it yet…if someone does, please leave a comment so I can link it here properly. – Nevermind! It’s up on NME’s site NOW!

And if you want to download the video, go ahead and grab the rip of it here. (thanks again to Laura)


13 thoughts on “From this week’s NME

  1. If they are recording in autumn this makes me think the album might be out early ’10. Which I will be overloaded with newness from my two favourite bands as Frightened Rabbit have a new one due then too.

    But if they end up touring at the same time I will not be happy.

      • A single in December would be great. That isn’t that far off when you think about it. March/April for the album would sound about right. And would put it right in line with FR’s new one too. My ears are gonna be sooo happy early next year. hehe.

  2. From the tasters we’ve heard so far, the sooner the new album comes the better! And new single December-ish would be awesome.

    I can’t find the video NME mentions on their website either. I hope it turns up soon.

  3. Love that video,Andy looks so comfortable with Keith,Chris n Max.Im expecting great things and cannot wait for the new album!!!

  4. awww…love this video. made me laugh. and the bit of “Carol” sounded great. want to hear more.
    lovely to see Max and Dash. hehe. sweet stuff.

  5. ok, me again. First of all, thank you Laura. awesome that you ripped it again.

    I just watched that video again, without any rush like last week and I LOVE that video. Keith and his “lyrics”, and Max’s ” buy now pay 2011″ haha. and Andy seems to fit right in. what a funky dance. 😆 but the cutest was Dash again. so sweet.

    man, I love their videos, but a little tip for the next one: a bit more visuals of Chris again. 😉 and it was nice to see him with those glasses again. 😀

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