Official WAS Twitter account

Follow Chris and Keith at the new official We Are Scientists Twitter account: @scientistbros


4 thoughts on “Official WAS Twitter account

  1. I can understand the tweets so far and am rather pleased with myself.Lets hope the tweets stay “normal” cause im baffled by @senatorcain’s tweets 99% of the time!! lol…Would’nt it be nice if Chris n Keith actualy replied to our twitters,interaction is a wonderful thing.Are you listening guys?????

  2. I hope that they’ll post some useful information as well as their usual wonderful nonsense, especially because the website isn’t updated very often.
    And I know what you mean about Chris’ tweets Joanne, they usually are rather baffling!

  3. Senator Cains twittering is delightful, and it makes perfect sense.

    What you must understand is it isn’t meant to make 100% real life sense, its a delightful concoction of strange and intelligent waffle!

    I love you. You rambunctious little children.

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